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Learn FastAPI with online courses and programs

APIs are an essential feature of contemporary software development and FastAPI is one of the most popular frameworks for building them. Learn FastAPI with online courses delivered through edX.

What is FastAPI?

FastAPI is a web framework for building application programming interfaces (APIs) with Python, a programming language.Footnote 1 APIs are code that allow applications to speak with one another by sharing information and data. FastAPI is especially useful for building RESTful APIs — APIs that exchange data between clients and servers with HTTP — because it’s quick to code, easy to learn, and contains few bugs.Footnote 2

FastAPI’s speed and advanced capabilities have made it popular within the software development community and an important skill for aspiring software developers.Footnote 3

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FastAPI tutorial curriculum

In a FastAPI tutorial, learners will likely be introduced to building fast and dynamic applications with FastAPI and conducting FastAPI tests. Courses may also explore topics such as forms, database access, RESTful APIs, data validation, authorization, and performance.Footnote 4

Other topics covered in a FastAPI tutorial may include:

  • Differences between FastAPI and similar tools like Flask

  • Features that give FastAPI a competitive advantage

  • The difference between sync and async Python

  • Instruction on how to implement FastAPI in a web application

To succeed in a FastAPI tutorial, you will likely need a firm foundation in Python programming. How long does it take to learn Python? Because Python’s syntax is highly readable, picking up the basics can be easy, but learning how to construct a mobile app with Python or understand a Python API example can take longer, depending on your programming background.

Explore jobs that use FastAPI

Developers and data scientists of all kinds use FastAPI in their work. FastAPI’s enhanced features can make it a good choice for those working in software development, computer science, or data science. 

  • A software developer or software programmer may use FastAPI to create frameworks, like a crisis management framework, for their applications.Footnote 5

  • A data scientist may use FastAPI to get data for their applications and inform their machine learning models.Footnote 6

  • A computer scientist may use FastAPI to collect data for training neural networks.

Finding employment in one of these fields may require additional training or qualifications beyond Python and FastAPI.

edX offers a variety of educational pathways, including boot camps as well as bachelor’s degree programs and master’s degree programs, for learners interested in adding skills to their resume. Find the right course for you and learn numerous FastAPI techniques.

How to develop APIs in Python with FastAPI

Many software developers and engineers use FastAPI to build APIs for advanced web applications. For example, when building a mobile app with Python, a software developer may use an API to transfer data between applications. They can then use that data to streamline the user experience by highlighting content that’s particularly relevant to them.

Combined with your knowledge of Python, you can use FastAPI to build robust APIs for many purposes. For instance, you can create an API that feeds data into a machine learning model. If you work for a streaming provider, you could even build an API to improve your algorithms and  suggest more relevant shows and movies to customers.

Wondering how to learn Python and other skills for developing APIs with FastAPI? Explore how online learning opportunities such as a bachelor's degree in computer science or a coding boot camp can help you build the expertise you need to develop FastAPI software.