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Address critical challenges related to food security, sustainability, and innovation in the agriculture sector. Learn more about agribusiness with edX today.

What is agribusiness?

Agribusiness refers to the integration of agricultural production, processing, distribution, and marketing activities within a single industry. It involves the business aspects of agriculture, such as farm management, food processing, agrochemicals, machinery, and retailing. Agribusiness professionals play a crucial role in ensuring a steady supply of food and agricultural products to meet the growing global demand.

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Agribusiness course curriculum

Understanding agribusiness equips individuals to contribute to the development of efficient, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible agricultural systems, essential for meeting the needs of a growing population while safeguarding natural resources and promoting economic growth in rural communities.

An introductory agribusiness course could cover topics such as:

  • Definition, scope, and significance of agribusiness in the global economy

  • Principles of supply and demand, and factors influencing agricultural prices and profitability

  • Farm planning, resource allocation, and risk management processes for agricultural enterprises

  • Marketing channels, logistics, and strategies for getting agricultural products from producers to consumers

  • Post-harvest activities, food processing techniques, and the development of value-added agricultural products

Start building the knowledge you need to work in the agribusiness field with edX. From accelerated boot camps to comprehensive programs that allow you to earn a bachelor’s degree or (for more advanced learners) a master’s degree, there are many different learning formats available to fit your needs. Busy professionals can even take advantage of executive education courses tailored to those in leadership and management positions. Find the right course for you.

Explore agribusiness jobs

Learning agribusiness can lead to a diverse range of career opportunities in the agriculture and food industry. Some potential career paths for individuals who learn agribusiness include:

  • Agricultural manager: Oversee and manage farm operations, making strategic decisions to optimize production and profitability.

  • Agribusiness consultant: Provide advisory services to farmers, agribusiness companies, and government agencies on best practices and market trends.

  • Agricultural economist: Analyze agricultural markets, trends, and economic data to provide insights for informed decision making.

  • Agricultural marketing specialist: Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote agricultural products and reach target customers.

Each of these roles will have different education and skills requirements. Some employers may seek candidates with a degree in business, depending on the role. Before deciding on a specific learning path, research the positions you hope to pursue and align your coursework with your career goals.