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Learn algorithms with online courses and programs

Algorithms are at the foundation of computational problem solving. Learn algorithms with online courses delivered through edX.

What are algorithms?

Algorithms are a set of instructions for how to solve a problem. They appear in mathematics, computer science, and data structures. They are a set of rules that govern a process and provide step-by-step instructions for performing that process. Although mathematical algorithms have been used for centuries, algorithms are now the central figures of computer science. Algorithms can mimic the neural networks of the human brain in artificial intelligence and deep learning. Computer programming is on the edge of solving some of humanity's most pressing issues, and algorithmic knowledge can provide insight into those innovations.

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Algorithms course curriculum

Learning about algorithms can be important in the fields of computer engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Efficient algorithms are the basis of technological innovation and continuing inquiries into the nature of life and existence.

edX offers courses that teach about algorithms. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Sorting and Search algorithms

  • Graph algorithms

  • Geometric algorithms

  • Data structures

  • Graph theory

  • Quantum computers

Careers in algorithms

Different algorithms help process nanotechnology and examine the universe on a massive scale. Dynamic programming helps build better artificial intelligence. Analysis of algorithms can help you reexamine long-standing beliefs about the universe and its structure. With all these possibilities, there are many different career paths for learners interested in algorithms. The following careers are examples of positions that could require a strong understanding of algorithms:

  • Software engineer

  • Computer scientist

  • Data analyst

  • Algorithm developer

  • Deep learning researcher

  • Machine learning/AI engineer

  • Roboticist

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of algorithms, explore the suite of online coursework offered through edX. From boot camps to full degree programs, there are a variety of educational pathways that can fit different learners’ needs and help you achieve your professional aspirations.