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Learn Android development with online courses and programs

Explore these Android development courses to learn more about building your own mobile app or pursuing a new career as an Android developer.

What is Android programming?

Android programming is the process of creating applications for devices that use the Android operating system. Android is an open-source, customizable mobile operating system created by Google for use on touchscreen devices. It is a popular operating system, along with iOS, the operating system used by Apple for its products. While the Android system is mainly installed on smartphones, it is also used on other smart devices such as TVs and watches.

Android app developers create applications for devices that use the Android operating system. Android apps can be written using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages using the Android software development kit (SDK).Footnote 1

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Why learn Android app development 

Learning Android app development can be a helpful skill for programmers. The Android operating system is used across a wide range of devices, which can provide many different opportunities for aspiring Android app developers. Jobs in software development correspond with the need for new applications for smartphones, tablets, and other devices.Footnote 2 Android development training can open the door to a career in Android development.

Android developer course curriculum

Individuals can learn how to develop apps for the Android operating system through Android programming courses that are available online. Android app courses may vary in length, subject, and level of skill, but may cover the following topics: 

  • Fundamentals of computer science and programming. 

  • Concepts such as abstraction, algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security, software engineering, and web development.

  • Multiple programming languages used in app development, such as Java.

  • Instruction for mastering components, props, state, style, views, user input, and debugging.

  • Android basics, such as how to use Android SDK tools and Android Studio, the official development environment created by Google. 

While anyone can learn android application development, it can be helpful to have certain skills, including analytical thinking, attention to detail, and the ability to solve complex problems.Footnote 3

Android developer jobs

Job opportunities for Android experts are vast and include positions for Android app developers, engineers, quality assurance experts, UX designers, and more.Footnote 4 The type of development job one chooses to pursue may require certain qualifications. For example, some Android developer jobs may require applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a master’s degree in a related field. 

While working to create Android applications that meet the needs of users is the common goal, duties may vary depending on the specific role. 

For example, Android app developers may focus on the following: 

  • Analyzing users’ needs.

  • Recommending upgrades to existing applications.

  • Designing applications.

  • Providing documentation that can be referenced for future maintenance and upgrades to applications.

Meanwhile, those focused on quality assurance may specialize in these tasks: 

  • Creating test plans, scenarios, and procedures for apps.

  • Identifying project risks and making recommendations on how to minimize risks.

  • Implementing testing using manual or automated programs and exploratory testing

  • Reporting defects or problems.

  • Providing feedback on usability and functionality.Footnote 5

How to become an Android developer online

There are many paths professionals can take to become an Android developer online. Some Android developer jobs may require applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in computer science or a related field. Individuals can also enroll in a boot camp or an Android development course and earn a professional certificate in subjects such as C programming, Java programming, object-oriented programming, and software development.  Because the tech industry is constantly evolving, the level of education and other requirements for job candidates will vary depending on the type of position. It can be helpful to look at job descriptions for positions of interest to assess which certifications may be necessary to fill that type of role.

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