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Learn Android Studio with online courses and programs

Learning Android Studio online is an excellent way to gain the skills needed for developing Android apps. An online course can teach you how to use Android Studio and the fundamentals of Android app development.

What is Android Studio?

Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Google’s Android operating system and Android app development. Based on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software, this tool allows developers to create and test Android apps. Android Studio uses a Gradle-based build system with GitHub integration.

Android Studio offers a wide range of features and tools that make building, testing, and debugging Android apps easier for developers, including a debugger, device emulator, and code editor. Developers can use Android Studio's code editor to write and edit an app's code with Kotlin, Java, or other supported programming languages. Once an app's code and user interface are complete, Android Studio’s APK formatting supports app publishing on Google Play.Footnote 1

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What is covered in an Android Studio tutorial?

For developers interested in learning how to use Android Studio, an online course can help provide a comprehensive foundation on necessary skills. Android Studio online courses can cover the basics of Android app development, including the structure of an Android project and the different components of an Android app. They may also introduce learners to the Android Studio user interface and tools, including the code editor, layout editor, and virtual device emulator.Footnote 2

After grasping the fundamentals of Android app development, learners can expect to dive into Android Studio’s operations and gain hands-on, practical experience. This may include:Footnote 3

  • Configuring, creating, and running an app on Android Studio 

  • Debugging and testing apps

  • Working with device sensors

  • Handling user input

  • Displaying data to users

  • Publishing an Android app to the Google Play store

Jobs that use Android Studio

Many different jobs use Android Studio as a tool for developing and testing Android apps. Examples of job roles include an Android app developer, a mobile app designer, and a software engineer.

An Android app developer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining Android apps, while a mobile app designer is responsible for creating an app's visual design and user experience.Footnote 4 A quality assurance engineer tests an app to ensure it works properly and meets the desired specifications.Footnote 5 These jobs all rely on Android Studio to create and test apps’ user interfaces and design elements. 

To pursue a career in software engineering, a learner might consider an online bachelor’s degree or master’s degree through edX. To work toward a career in app development, a learner can also want to start building foundational knowledge with a boot camp.

How to use Android Studio to become an Android developer

Learning Android Studio is crucial for those interested in Android app development. It’s also important to cultivate a deep understanding of programming languages and mobile application development. Ultimately, the use of Android Studio will depend on the learner's specific job requirements and experience level. Some jobs may require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, while others may only expect demonstrated knowledge of Android app development.

Building a good understanding of programming languages and the fundamentals of mobile app development is a great place to start for beginners who aren't quite ready to learn Android Studio. An introductory mobile app course will likely cover app design and user experience.

Most Android apps are developed with the Java programming language, so a strong foundation in Java is important for Android developer training. In addition, many Android developers use other languages, such as Kotlin or C++, to develop their apps.Footnote 6 edX offers coding boot camps that can provide learners with the programming knowledge needed to take advantage of Android Studio.

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