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Animal Behavior Courses

Take free online animal behavior courses to build your skills and advance your career. Learn animal behavior and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

learn animal behavior

learn animal behavior

What is Animal Behavior?

Animal behavior, also called ethology, is the scientific study of animals in their natural habitat. This includes the study of their social interaction, methods of communication, responses to threats, emotions, mating rituals and more. Research into animal behavior can help when studying human behavior as well as aid in the training of service animals as well as pet training. It also aids wildlife managers, park rangers and animal protection groups in conservation efforts.

Online Animal Behavior Courses and Programs

EdX offers free online courses in animal behavior from major universities. Go beyond the nature documentaries and learn about the scientific approach to the study of different animal species including how hypotheses, grounded in evolutionary theory, are tested. Start with Introduction to Animal Behavior, a 6-week course from Wageningen University that explores how animals learn from and communicate with each other, hunt and survive. Learn about their social and mating rituals and get a sense of the complexity of their behavior.

Explore a Career in the Field of Animal Behavior

Animal behaviorists can work in many related fields from animal psychology to dog behavior training. Work locally at a zoo, animal shelter or dog training classes or travel around the world with animal research and conservation groups. Behavioral scientists can have a significant impact on conservation and the protection of endangered species. Case studies and research findings can inform policy decisions and help direct aid to organizations around the world that help to protect animal populations. Capture, analyze and present data related to endangered populations or habitats and teach wildlife managers the benefits of animal behavior study and research to help inform their actions.

Enroll in animal behavior courses to learn more about this fascinating field of life science.