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Asian Studies Courses

Learn about the Asian region. Take online courses about Asia to study Asian culture, geography, history, and more with edX today!

learn asia

learn asia

Why pursue Asia studies?

Asia offers a rich perspective in history and culture. Asian studies encompasses a wide area, but studying individual countries provides nuanced outlooks on the world, specifically how each has made individual impacts on the world as we know it today.

Asian studies is too big for it to be the focus; instead, students of history, philosophy, international relations, and other disciplines may choose to focus on a specific part of the continent such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, or Central Asia. Alternatively, students can learn about individual countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, or The Philippines. 

Explore Asia with edX

The edX platform offers courses and certifications designed in partnership with experts in the field of Asian studies. Students explore subjects with a global cohort of like-minded peers and can complete course requirements from anywhere. 

Many offerings are available for free for personal development, but students can also choose official credit for a fee, gaining critical experience through single courses, certifications, or even full degrees. New options arrive on the platform regularly.

Asian Studies courses and certifications

Learners can choose everything from regional studies to Asian language options. Students can participate in an xSeries program on The History of China. Learners choose the modern era or the Bronze Era to the Last Dynasties. 

Other choices include Culture and Law: The East Asian Perspective. Students study moral and legal reasoning from a Confucianism perspective and study modern interpretations from the legal systems of East Asia and influences from China, South Korea, and Japan.

Hong Kong Cinema Through a Global Lens allows students to explore this city's influence on movies. Indian and Tibetan River Buddhism helps students explore the history of South and Central Asia's impact on one of the world's biggest religions. Participants can even take part in English for Doing Business in Asia-Writing, a course designed to improve the academic and business skills of students looking to do business in up and coming business countries like Indonesia.

Dive deep into Asian Studies

Whether students explore international studies, human rights, social sciences, or choose languages like Urdu, Hindi, or Vietnamese, edX offers a path for area studies. In fact, the Asian studies options offered here provide a wide breadth of learning and ensure that you can find an outlet no matter what your interest is. 

Taking part in Southeast Asia studies, Far East Asia studies or language options opens a door for career paths or simply personal growth. And with upcoming events centering more on the global community, it's great to have a way to learn more about the world.