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Behavioral Science Courses

Learn behavioral science with edX's online behavioral science courses today!

What is behavioral science?

The science of human behavior is a relatively new discipline. As behavioral scientists explore the state of mental health, decision making, group behavior, and other aspects of life as humans, they understand more about the wellbeing of the individual and society as a whole.

Part of the social science field, behavioral science explores everything there is to know about how humans operate. It's now expanded into fields like organizational behavior, human services, and even neuroscience. It provides methodologies for exploring areas of criminal justice or ethnicity and helps us with advocacy for vulnerable people and communities.

Explore behavioral science with edX

The edX platform offers students the opportunity to explore all kinds of topics, including social and behavioral sciences. Courses are developed and delivered by experts in the field, and students can explore topics with a global cohort of other participants.

Courses are free to take for personal growth, but students can also opt for official credit for single courses, certificates, and even full degrees. The credits are easily shareable with employers or other schools and offer training with some of the most distinguished institutions in the world.

Behavioral science courses and certificates

Students can begin with a course such as Organizational Cultural and Change in Healthcare from DoaneX. Students can learn what it takes for decision-making in public health and will understand how administration builds great organizations with real-world examples.

The Psychology of Criminal Justice from the University of Queensland offers a look into the world of crime, law enforcement, and legal proceedings. Learners can explore the sociological aspects of crime and how humans can solve social problems more ethically. It also explores how society can handle crime and justice in the modern era.

The Science of Parenting from UC San Diego offers a look into the earliest development of human cognition. Learners explore human development and gain perspective into social services, early childhood education, or psychiatry. 

Understanding humans from a scientific perspective

Behavioral science research provides insight and offers the foundational knowledge we need to make society better. edX coursework provides the path for students to explore their interests and receive training. No matter what topic you're interested in, edX offers courses and adds new options regularly, perfect for lifelong learners. 

With convenient course schedules and the option to study from home, edX can launch interest and provide credentials for future careers or research. It's time to get started.