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Biomaterials Courses

Take online biomaterials courses from top universities and institutions on edX today!

What are biomaterials?

Biomaterials include any materials or matter that can interact with biological systems. They can be found in nature, but we can also synthesize them for applications in the biomedical field. Biomaterials could someday replace entire organs, limbs, or other diseased or lost parts in tissue engineering. In regenerative medicine, it could mean regrowing limbs lost.

Biomaterials science is a growing field thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, and a better understanding of biological systems thanks to imaging and data. Biocompatibility is a vital feature of these bioengineered materials but must also be biodegradable or bioabsorbable for temporary solutions. They could play a part in everything from dental implants to cutting-edge drug delivery systems.

Learn about biomaterials

As medical applications increase, companies and organizations will need knowledgeable talent to fill positions in research and development. edX offers courses developed in partnership with leading minds in the field, delivered online from anywhere in the world. Students can study for free for personal development, but edX also offers accredited tracks for motivated learners.

Participants can choose from single courses, certificates, professional series options, and full degrees. edX also offers a series of micro-degrees for career seekers. Students pay a fee and receive certificates after satisfying course requirements.

Biomaterials courses and certifications

Delftx offers Industrial Biotechnology, a course that introduces the principles of materials science and engineering for renewable energy purposes. It explores the potential for biotechnology to solve energy issues related to nonrenewable resources.

Biomaterials and Biofabrication from The University of Bayreuth explore critical concepts in biomaterials and medical devices. Students will explore tissue engineering, smart drugs, and even tissue regeneration concepts. The course introduces materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers, hydrogels, and the role they play as well as new production methods such as additive manufacturing.

MITx offers three courses on the mechanical properties and behavior of materials, designed to showcase how their properties could lead to new advancements in bioactive applications. Students can also explore courses in the chemistry, biology, and engineering principles that underpin bioengineering.

Explore a career in biomaterials with edX

These courses help students explore impact factors in the field. Whether participants want to explore immune responses, nanotechnology, or even just understand the latest peer-review research articles in the field, edX offers a path.

Proteins, collagen, calcium, and even materials in stem cells--the complex interplay of the relationship between biomaterials and biological matter is key to unlocking new drug treatments or renewable energy resources. All these topics and more are waiting on the edX platform.