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learn branding

learn branding

What is Branding?

A good brand strategy can help a company or organization create a cohesive picture and stand out in a sea of noise. A strong brand identity helps customers identify with your company or organization's mission and develop loyalty for your product or service. If your customers don't know that you're product or service is their ideal solution, a strong brand can help them find you. Think about the red and white color palette that distinguishes Coca-Cola from Pepsi's blue and white color scheme at a single glance. Once your target audience knows you, it's easier for them to find you and remain loyal. Brand identity isn't a quick, one-time thing. It takes experience to build a cohesive brand, so learning about brand strategies can help get your foot in the door. Use your skills to help organizations find their loyal customers.

Learn about Branding

Branding isn't just a logo design or trademarking a brand name. It encompasses a variety of branding strategies for a holistic view of your organization's visual identity and brand values. Once you've got branding down, it requires thought to build brand awareness for a successful brand overall. can help you develop a brand for organizations or your own startup through foundational courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field. You'll learn everything it takes to build a successful brand strategy and stand out from the crowd.

Branding Courses and Certifications

Branding is a form of marketing, but that's not all it is. You can learn all about Brand Management from IIMB, and how to build, maintain, and alter a brand throughout an organization's life. You can learn Strategic Social Media marketing with BUx and Predictive Analytics from the University of Edinburgh. If you need a deep dive into branding, Curtin offers a micro-masters, Marketing in a Digital World, that introduces you to the fundamental concepts of marketing and branding in digital, connected formats. You'll come away with an understanding of market research, visual identity, brand values, and customer experience journeys.

Explore Branding in Your Career

Before Apple was a legend, it was a guy in a garage. Now, generations later, it's a testament to what a strong brand identity can do for a company. Building your brand is a vital part of your work as an organization, and helping another organization to manage brand assets can be a rewarding and exciting career. Business owners need to understand how branding affects business and how the right value proposition can help target customers find their product or service. It's vital to know how these different marketing elements come together, but once you understand, you can be responsible for a successful branding strategy.