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Learn CakePHP with online courses and programs

CakePHP is a powerful tool for building web applications. Explore the variety of online courses delivered through edX that can help you learn CakePHP and develop valuable skills for your career.

What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is an open-source web framework designed to streamline development processes. It is written in the PHP programming language, providing tools and file structure conventions that help developers create web applications more efficiently.Footnote 1 PHP offers a simple structure and a number of tools that make the code more agile to work with, including CakePHP.Footnote 2

CakePHP offers a variety of built-in features and is recognized for its convention over configuration approach. Its simple approach to application structure can make it easier to learn and use than other frameworks.Footnote 3 CakePHP was designed based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which separates the logic of an application into three distinct components:Footnote 4

1. The model: interacts with the database to retrieve, update, and delete data

2. The view: receives data from the controller and displays it in an appropriate format

3. The controller: receives requests from the user and returns the appropriate data to the view

CakePHP also includes a number of built-in features, such as database access, validation, and caching.Footnote 5 It has an active developer community, ensuring that the framework can evolve with industry needs.

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CakePHP tutorial curriculum 

CakePHP is open-source software, which means that it’s powered by an active community of developers who contribute to its design and provide support to other users. While it’s possible to learn CakePHP without coding experience, learners may find it easier to understand if they first master the building blocks of web development. Learning to use the PHP programming language will also strengthen your knowledge foundation when taking a CakePHP tutorial or course.

Depending on your ultimate educational goals, you can start learning web development with a specialized coding boot camp, or a more comprehensive program that can enable you to earn a degree in fields like computer science and data science

Once you’re confident that you’re ready to add CakePHP to your web development skill set, you can explore a CakePHP tutorial. These courses may cover how to:

  • Install and start running CakePHP on your computer.

  • Use the MVC architectural pattern and basic CakePHP features.

  • Create a simple CakePHP application, such as a blog.

  • Design an effective user interface with CakePHP.

  • Optimize the performance of CakePHP applications.

Courses may also provide hands-on project work to give learners practice in CakePHP website development and CakePHP web application development.

CakePHP development jobs

There are a wide range of development roles that can benefit from knowledge of CakePHP, including front- and back-end developers, full-stack developers, and application developers.Footnote 6 In addition to understanding how to use CakePHP, aspiring professionals should also have a range of technical skills applicable to their desired role.

For learners looking to expand their PHP programming knowledge, experience with other PHP frameworks may also be beneficial. Once learners understand PHP frameworks and how they function, they can work toward building a strong web development skill set, creating applications, developing a portfolio, and ultimately applying to jobs.

Experience and education requirements vary for CakePHP developers, but web developers need familiarity with coding and basic web development tools. edX offers a variety of learning options for individuals to build or expand their coding knowledge. You can build specific skills with specialized boot camps. Or you can pursue a bachelor’s degree or earn a master’s degree in a variety of subjects which can be a requirement for specific positions. Research the job roles you hope to pursue and align your educational coursework with your professional aspirations.