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Cannabis Courses

Explore the science and business of the cannabis industry.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is having a renaissance. The rise of the medical marijuana market plus boutique shops selling Cannabis-based products in states that have legalized the drug has offered consumers a variety of ways to try Cannabis and its corresponding products.

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that comes from the Cannabis plant. Cannabinoids provide a variety of physical and mental effects, many of which are used to treat medical conditions in addition to recreational use. The main component, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is the primary source of the effect, causing some researchers to breed strains of Cannabis with as little THC as possible.

The effects of Cannabis are described as generally mild and sedative, but it depends on the strain. For some people, CBD is more suitable because it doesn't have the same psychoactive effects. Cannabis use has become more common, and now that states are legalizing both types, we see a surge in economic value.

Learn About Cannabis has a variety of courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field. You can study the market and manufacturing of this substance with students from around the world and on your own time. Courses are made for those who are interested and those looking to explore careers in a variety of subjects.

Courses are available for free, so satisfy as much of your curiosity as you like. If you need professional certification, edX offers affordable rates for certification, credit, and professional studies. Cannabis oil, hashish, or even synthetic cannabinoids - you can learn about it all here.

Cannabis Courses and Programs

DoaneX offers an entire professional course on Cannabis Science and Industries. You'll learn not only the science and classification of different strains of Cannabis but also the fundamentals of the market of medical Cannabis, as well as other forms.

It includes courses on developing cannabis products and their active ingredients, plus known side effects. You'll understand the product from a medical use perspective as well as what's involved for mental health use. Plus, you'll get to know the industry itself, working with dispensaries, what separates it from illicit drug classification, and how the use of Cannabis is regulated by state laws and government agencies like the FDA.

The Future of Cannabis

Legalization has changed the landscape of cannabis use. The cannabis market will only expand as cannabis users increase. Whether the use of marijuana is recreational in legalized states or medicinal, cannabis consumption is becoming a primary driver of the economy.

Although it's been associated in the past with substance abuse as an illegal drug, the change in law has allowed us to explore medicinal effects for things like chronic pain and cancer treatments. The health effects of the drug seem to outweigh potential health problems, and better regulation could mitigate those.

EdX can help introduce you to the science and market of Cannabis. Follow your interests and find out what you need to know about Cannabis and cannabinoids as we navigate a new era of legalization.