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Career Development Courses

Learn career development skills with online courses today!

Why explore career development?

Career planning requires some prep work. You can be interested in a particular industry and have no idea what career paths might be available to you. You can be mid-career and need new avenues for career growth and advancement. You might even be pursuing a brand new career after years in the workforce and need to re-up your skills.

Career development opportunities are an employment differentiator and a commonly requested work benefit. Career development resources provide valuable choices for individuals as they pursue current and future career opportunities.

Career development resources at edX

The edX platform offers courses designed in partnership with respected institutions from around the world. Students will explore topics in career development with a global cohort of like-minded learners and have access to innovators in a variety of career exploration paths.

Courses happen on a student's time, and participants can explore courses for free for personal growth. edX also offers official, credentialed tracks for a fee. Students receive credit they can pass on to employers or use for future education tracks and training.

Career development courses

Learners can take a variety of paths. Reinvent Yourself: Unleash Your Creativity from UTHealthSPHx. Students can explore creative initiatives that benefit their ability to problem solve in life, not just in their career path. Creativity can help with long and short-term decision-making and improve students' work lives.

FullbridgeX offers several career development courses. Students can take courses such as Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills or Communication Skills and Teamwork. Learners gain tips for great job interviews, build communication and interpersonal skill, and understand career management. 

UQx also offers a course called Unlocking Your Employability. The course provides learners with tools to assess their potential in various career options. Participants will learn their areas of expertise, perform self-assessments, and gain new skillsets.

Supporting career goals with edX

Career coaches and mentoring can be time-intensive, but you can begin exploring career development options with edX first. These career assessment tools can support growth, development, and change, allowing you to make the most of your career path no matter where it leads. 

Career development planning can open new doors and help spur career satisfaction. edX provides support for students without the need for full-time schooling. With the right career development opportunities, students can make both vertical and lateral moves in their careers. It's time to take your career to a new level.