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Cash Flow Analysis Courses

Learn about cash flow analysis and more with online courses from top schools and institutions on edX!

learn cash flow analysis

learn cash flow analysis

What is a Cash Flow Analysis?

A cash flow statement helps businesses describe and account for money come in and going out of the company. A cash flow analysis provides clarity for businesses who need to understand how operating activities affect the cash flow.

Cash inflows and cash outflows can make or break the success of a business. A cash flow analysis helps the company understand its current health and build a foundation for future investing activities.

There are five main pieces to a good statement of cash flows:

  • Net income -- Earnings after expenses, also called net cash flow.

  • Operating cash flow -- Cash transactions from regular business operations

  • Cash flow from investing activities -- Transactions your business invests in its future

  • Cash flow from financing activities -- Transactions from financing activities or investments others made into your business

  • Final cash amount -- The final profit or bottom line after each of these transactions is complete.

Together, this gives you the real picture of your business's financial health. Positive cash flow means your profits outweigh your expenditures. A negative cash flow spells trouble for your business. You'll know the actual cash picture of your whole business, not just profit numbers alone.

Learn About Cash Flow Analysis

You can provide a valuable service for any business owner with cash flow analysis skills. Whether it's a small business or at an enterprise level, all companies must have an accurate and ongoing report of whether they have enough cash to be successful.

Learn about the different elements that go into comprehensive and accurate financial statements of all kinds, including a statement of cash flows. Help your business succeed in the long term with your expertise with courses and certificate programs designed by trusted institutions and delivered through's comprehensive platform.

Cash Flow Analysis Courses and Certificates

EdX offers quite a few courses on cash flow analysis statements as standalone options or part of a suite of courses. The New York Institute of Finance offers a course that includes cash flow analysis as part of a series of business finance and accounting courses. You'll learn how cash valuations can affect business activities and how to plan for the future.

Other course options include building a picture of current assets along with current liabilities with a course on Financial Management in Organizations with The University System of Maryland and the University of Maryland Global Campus. You'll assist your department, CFO, and all business decision-makers.

Understanding Your Business Cash Position

Your company's cash flow is a vital part of understanding short term performance and future success. Cash items are constant moving parts, so building a reliable starting point for understanding finance is essential to growth.

Whether you're a financial advisor or on a business team, you'll have all the information you need to provide numbers for cash flow from operating activities, working capital, and even the amount of cash after all other accounts are reconciled.

Use your expertise to ensure a company's financial health and success with help from edX and trusted partners.