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Chinese Courses

Learn Chinese online with Mandarin courses from top schools and institutions. Understanding the Chinese language is crucial in today's global business environment. Start with Mandarin Chinese essentials for daily communication and then focus on important phrases and communication skills for doing business in China.

Learn Chinese Online

Did you know that Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world? Whether you’re planning on visiting China to sightsee or are going there to work on a 6-month project, learning the basics of the language will be extremely helpful in your day to day operation.

Get an introduction to the Chinese language with online courses from top universities and institutions. Online courses on edX include extensive videos and other tools to help you learn pronunciation skills in addition to basic vocabulary and grammar. Learn Mandarin Chinese tones, characters and basic language structure and practice core pronunciation and communication skills, all from the comfort of your computer anywhere in the world.

Learn Mandarin for doing Business in China

The Mandarin for Business Professional Certificate Program is a 5-part introduction to the key Chinese language skills you will need to communicate professionally in China. No previous Chinese language experience is required to start the course and students can enroll and learn at their own pace. Start with basic Chinese characters and progress through 3 levels of coursework that combine vocabulary, grammar and conversation training. Beyond the basics of conversation, you will learn specialized vocabulary and conversation skills for negotiating, networking, preparing contracts and building a business relationship. Videos of common discussions and situations are complemented by slides and audio supplements designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of the course material.

In the Mandarin Chinese Essentials course, you will learn about the five essential characteristics of Mandarin Chinese. These five essentials include Chinese grammar, pinyin, characters, tones, and basic structures. You will also learn about Asia and the Chinese culture in greater detail.

In the Mandarin Chinese lessons level series, you'll continue to enhance your language learning skills through a series of workshops. There are a total of three levels that build off one another. In these courses, you will learn how to speak Chinese, proper Chinese pronunciations, the writing system, proper sentence structure, common phrases, and much more.