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Learn French

Fluency in French can be useful for traveling, studying abroad, or beginning a career in countries where it is an official language. Learn French with online courses delivered through edX.

Why learn French?

French is part of the family of Romance languages, tracing its history back to Latin. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is an official language not just in France, but also in countries ranging from Canada to Haiti to Senegal. France has a rich history, a strong economy, and its culture has global influence on food, fashion, literature, and politics. Fluency in French can open up many exciting personal and professional opportunities for travelers and business people alike.

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How to learn French online

Learners at every level can enroll in online courses in French to build their language skills. Foundational courses are designed to teach learners the basics of French vocabulary, pronunciation, phrases, and grammar. As learners begin to master the language, they can take a variety of more advanced edX courses in the French language that also teach about the culture. Whether you are just starting out or well on your way to developing expert fluency, French language courses and lessons can help you achieve your goals.

How can learning French help careers?

Professionals who are multilingual and understand French can find career opportunities in a host of industries and sectors, such as hospitality, international business, international development, and diplomacy. Aspiring translators, or those looking to launch an international office for their organization, will benefit from fluency in French. Begin your learning journey today with edX.

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