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Algebra Courses

Take free online algebra classes to improve your skills and boost your performance in school. Get a strong foundation in algebra or brush up on important problem solving skills. Learn about simplifying, binomials, and many more algebra lessons.

learn algebra

learn algebra

What is Algebra?

Algebra is an area of mathematics that uses symbols to represent numbers in formulas and equations. Understanding these symbols and how they work together and provide structure to equations allows mathematicians to more efficiently write formulas and solve math problems. Algebra is divided into two parts: elementary algebra and abstract algebra. Elementary algebra consists of the basic algebra symbols and equations taught in primary school. Abstract algebra, or modern algebra, includes the study of algebraic structures such as vector spaces and groups.

Online Algebra Courses and Programs

EdX offers both introductory and advanced algebra courses. Get started solving equations and learning algebraic expression basics with the free online course from SchoolYourself. The self-paced algebra course will teach you how to work with integers, decimals  fractions, and exponents, how to evaluate powers and roots and how to solve single and multi-variable equations and inequalities with online quizzes and algebra worksheets. Algebra is essential for both high school and college math curriculums and this will serve as a pre-algebra course. Working through these algebra problems will get you well-prepared for further math study.

For a more advanced algebra program, consider the College Algebra and Problem Solving course from ASU. This self-paced course uses the ALEKS learning system which helps to tailor the learning experience to the students personalized needs and pace. Learn how to apply algebra to a wide range of real-world problems and study critical algebraic concepts like functions, domains and ranges. This course can help you prepare for calculus and other math courses.

Explore additional online math courses and tutorials that cover Boolean algebra, algebraic geometry, abstract algebra and other advanced topics. Many courses are self-paced so you can enroll and learn on your own schedule.

Learn Basic Algebra for Beginners with Online Courses

Learners looking for a beginners course in Algebra can take program from SchoolYourself, which covers standard curriculum typically found in a highschool algebra 1 class. During the introduction class, you will learn basic algebra and take algebra practice problems on how to solve single-variable equations and how to graph. This class from SchoolYourself is the perfect introduction to the Algebra for learners. You will practice algebra, learning about parabolas and exponential functions, how to solve single-variable and multi-variable equations and inequalities, and much more

What Types of Jobs use Algebra?

Algebra is a skill that is applicable in many types of fields and professions in today’s economy when you solve equations. You may be surprised by the number of jobs and occupations that require a working knowledge of algebra to complete day to day requirements. Below are a few examples of professions that require algebra skills and what could be common tasks.

Business professionals who use algebra on a daily basis would be accountants. As an accountant, you need to be able to balance spreadsheets, forecast costs, and create spending reports for your company and team. Another example of business professionals who need a working knowledge of algebra includes bankers. Bankers need to be able to calculate interest rates, taxes, and more for their customers on a frequent basis. Business owners also use algebra to calculate run rates, revenue, the margin of profitability, and so much more for their shareholders to showcase growth potential and secure financing and investment.

Medical professionals need to know and understand algebra to administer drugs, detect pattern irregularities, fill prescriptions and more for their patients. Converting different drug doses is relatively common in the medical field, so having algebra solving problem skills will regularly come in handy. Especially when the time is at a crunch and equipment is space, you will need to know how to prescribe different medicine by factoring in weight, age, dosage, and more for your patients.

Fitness instructors demonstrate proper exercise techniques to their clients. A working level of algebra helps fitness instructors calculate the ideal workout for their clients. Fitness instructors calculate a person’s body fat percentage, height, weight, age, and more to design the proper workout regime. Fitness instructors may use algebra to determine the ratio of dieting and exercise to meet their client’s goals via weight gain and or weight loss.

Architectures are professionals who design and draw models of new buildings. Precision and algebra are essential for these professionals to get the details correct. Depicting a building’s height, the width of rooms, hallways, floors, and more all come back to a working understanding of algebra problems and solutions.

Civil Engineering professionals design, inspect, and maintain common systems we use daily. Some of these systems include roads, bridges, tunnels, sewer systems, and so much more. As a civil engineer, you need to understand algebra so you can calculate how much weight a bridge and or road can handle when factoring in stress from vehicles. Another factor that civil engineers need to consider includes predicting how a bridge would be able to withstand wind speeds, earthquakes, snow, and so much more.

Why Take Algebra Courses Online?

Algebra is a practical skill to have for many different professionals in their line for work. Taking algebra courses online allows you to choose the right course that best suits your needs. Maybe you want a refresher course to brush up on your skills. Perhaps you are looking for more advanced algebra classes if you’re going to become an architect and need to practice algebra advanced techniques. Regardless of where you fall, edX offers a wide range of online algebra courses designed to fit your busy schedule.

Algebra Courses on edX

Some of our courses include critical thinking via equation solving and understanding algebraic expressions. Other courses will lean heavily on elements that include quadratic formulas, systems of equations, polynomial expressions, rational expressions, rational functions, quadratic equations, polynomial functions, algebraic operations, graphing, square roots, complex numbers, linear inequalities, absolute values, negative numbers, distributive law, word problems, trigonometry, partial fractions, linear equations, and more. Some of the courses on edX will have you practice problem solving via order of operations, ad hoc methods, rational functions, and more. Our courses are designed to help you learn algebra via step-by-step instructions from top universities.

Famous Minds in Algebra

The history of algebra has had many famous and significant minds throughout time. The advancement and expansion of algebraic methods and equation solving techniques have continued to evolve the field of algebra over the years. The beauty of algebra is that it bypasses language barriers between English, Spanish, French, and many other scholars around the world. Some of the most noticeable algebra discover members include Niccolò Fontana Tartaglia, Joseph-Louis Lagrange, Évariste Galois, Arthur Cayley, and Carl Friedrich Gauss.