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Circuits Courses

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What are Circuits?

Electrical circuits power everything in our lives from computers to the lights in your home. Designing circuits that are safe and effective requires a knowledge of how electrical currents work so that our electronic devices operate without failure. Circuits are designed to harness the dangerous power of energy in ways that allow us to bring that energy into our homes and businesses without causing significant risk. If you're going to build new construction or power a home, someone needs to understand how those circuits work. Circuit boards even power the smallest parts of our devices. Our understanding of the electronic circuit has allowed us to build faster, smaller, more efficient computing devices with no end in sight.

Learn about Circuits

Electrical engineering is a growing discipline in the field of tech as well as in classical regards. Building complex circuits allows computer science to advance computer hardware to something we can use for our quantum computing needs. These circuits are a vital part of what powers our lives from the micro to the macro, so learn a bit more about it all with the right courses and certifications.

Circuitry Courses and Certifications

edX partners with leading institutions in the field to bring you courses in Circuitry. You can learn about the basics of circuitry with MIT's series on circuits. You'll learn the fundamentals of circuits including current flow and series circuit as well as concepts like ohm's law. EPFL also offers a course series in circuitry with Electronique. It also introduces you to the basics of electric currents. MIT's entire X-series on Circuitry gives you the whole rundown with electric circuits. You'll understand power sources and voltage sources. Once you understand the circuit diagram, you'll be ready to get your career started up.

Ignite a Career by Exploring Circuits

Whether you're going the traditional electrical engineering route or exploring computer engineering, the right courses can help get you started. Get your understanding of circuit analysis and schematic diagrams down with courses with and leaders in the field. You may explore areas of both tech and traditional circuitry, building skills that attract employers and set you up for an exciting career. You could build the next big thing in computers or continue through a more traditional route providing your expertise for building projects and safety regulations. You'll be set up with courses that teach you everything you need in the beginning, setting yourself up for a long, stable career.