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Learn CodeIgniter to expand your programming skills and work faster on coding projects. Learners can build the skills needed to use CodeIgniter with edX courses.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a free web application framework for building websites that use PHP programming. CodeIgniter allows users to develop projects faster by providing a toolkit for commonly needed tasks and the structure needed to access those tools. CodeIgniter’s framework is based on the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural development pattern, which separates presentation logic from business logic. The software also provides several built-in libraries and helper functions for tasks, including:Footnote 1

  • Form validation

  • Database access

  • Session management

CodeIgniter is open-source software developed by Ellis Labs, maintained on GitHub, and certified with the MIT License. The software is celebrated for its fast speed, small footprint, and minimal overhead, which make it a good choice for shared hosting environments. CodeIgniter has been a popular framework since its release in 2006 and has a large, active community of developers who contribute to its development.Footnote 2 CodeIgniter’s website provides a variety of resources, tutorials, and forums for working with the framework, making it easy for developers to learn and improve their skills.

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CodeIgniter tutorial curriculum

The CodeIgniter user guide provides a free tutorial for introducing the CodeIgniter framework and the basics of MVC architecture. In this tutorial, learners are provided with an introduction to CodeIgniter basics and an opportunity to create a basic application. The tutorial covers installation, setup, and form validation, in addition to the following concepts:Footnote 3

  • MVC: Learn the basics of this architectural pattern and how it’s implemented in CodeIgniter for creating and managing views.

  • Routing: Learn how to manage routes, create custom routes, and handle routing errors.

  • Controllers: Learn how to manage controllers in CodeIgniter, including how to create custom controllers and how to use the built-in controllers.

  • Models: Learn how to create and manage models in CodeIgniter, including how to create custom models and how to use the built-in models.

  • Database: Learn how to perform basic database functions such as connecting to a database and using the built-in libraries.

  • Helpers: Learn how to use helpers for common tasks such as form validation, session management, and file uploads.

Additionally, CodeIgniter has a large and active community of developers who maintain the framework and provide support to other users.Footnote 4 CodeIgniter is straightforward to learn and a good choice for learners who are relatively new to PHP or web development. However, learners should first understand web development. 

If you are interested in adding new skills to your resume, explore how online learning opportunities such as a coding boot camp or even a bachelor’s degree in computer science can help you build the expertise and experience you need to pursue roles in this field.

Explore jobs that use CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter helps developers streamline the coding process. The CodeIgniter software offers several built-in libraries and helper functions for tasks like database access, form validation, and session management. Rather than writing code from scratch, developers can use CodeIgniter to speed up their workflow and achieve their end goals faster. 

CodeIgniter is used by a wide range of development professionals, including:Footnote 5

  • Back-end developers

  • Full stack developers

  • PHP developers

  • Application developers

  • Software engineers

Experience and education requirements vary for each of these careers, as CodeIgniter is one of many tools used to build websites and applications. 

Before you start working with CodeIgniter, you should get hands-on coding experience. edX offers a variety of educational pathways, including boot camps as well as bachelor's degree programs and advanced master’s degree programs, for learners interested in advancing their knowledge in a variety of subjects. Find the right course for you.