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Computer Forensics Courses

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learn computer forensic

learn computer forensics

What is Computer Forensics?

Computer forensics is a branch of forensics that addresses digital evidence and computer systems. Also called digital forensics, it addresses cybercrime by examining things like hard drives, operating systems, and cloud storage. Experts use computer forensics for both cybercrime and a number of civil proceedings, including data recovery and audit trails. A forensic analyst provides both information security and answers to legal issues. Digital forensics got started around the 1980s as personal computers became more common. With consumer access came a spike in criminal activity happening online. The field of computer forensics was born.

Learn About Computer Forensics

edX offers courses and programs designed in partnership with leading institutions in the field. Courses are offered to students around the world and on their own schedule. You can peruse courses for free or receive official credit for courses or degree tracks with affordable rates. Whether you're interested in the field or looking to make a career change, has you covered. You can get foundational skills on your own schedule and start a new path whenever you decide to.

Computer Forensics Courses and Programs

RIT offers an introductory course in Computer Forensics. You'll learn about court admissibility, the details of file recovery across different information systems, and how to make the best decisions for tools to use and procedures to follow. For comprehensive programs, RIT also offers a micro-masters program in Cybersecurity. It gives you an overview of information systems, including network security, and teaches you about the ways that digital information can be used in cyber forensics. You can also participate in Harvard's Computer Science and Mobile Apps professional certification series. You'll learn not just what it takes to be a certified forensic analyst but also everything that goes into software applications, data acquisition, and other forensics tools.

Explore a Career In Computer Forensics

Forensic science is a huge part of solving modern crime. It requires knowledge and expertise in information technology and computer crime. You could build a career in forensic investigation with help from and leading institutions. As a forensics investigator, you'll be on the front lines of fighting cybercrime and help law enforcement provide security. Our lives are fully online, so we need these skills now more than ever to help us stay safe without sacrificing our connections. edX's courses are available to you where you are. Choosing this path provides an affordable and clear solution to gaining the education you need for a thriving career.