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Computer Vision Courses

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What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is the next big thing in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Giving our machines the ability not only to analyze through data input but to "see" what it is they're investigating, we open up our data to more kinds of inputs than traditional text. Neural networks that can analyze images or video are going to be the next wave of functionality for our deep learning capability. Computer vision gives us real-time data for visual inputs. It provides an analysis of image data, including object recognition and image classification, allowing us to analyze our unstructured data more closely. Computer vision has applications in a wide range of areas from self-driving cars to smartphones. Deep learning models are making computer vision tasks more accurate, and soon, our computers will be able to "see" much the same way we do.

Learn about Computer Vision

To take advantage of this growing field, an understanding of what makes computer vision possible is necessary. You'll need to understand how computers process visual recognition and the types of convoluted neural networks that make computer vision possible. You'll also need an understanding of the applications of computer vision because they go far beyond face detection.

Computer Vision Courses and Certifications

edX has partnered with leading researchers in the field of computer science to bring you courses right to your door. You can learn about computer vision and all the related concepts that go into building machines that can "see." Microsoft offers an introductory course, Computer Vision and Image Analysis, designed to introduce you to some of the learning techniques associated with teaching machines to recognize image data. You can also learn the fundamentals of Robotics from Penn State to prepare you to build robots of the future. Professional Certification in Deep Learning from IBM will introduce you not only to computer vision but the fundamentals of computer vision algorithms and those for deep learning. It contains state of the art research and helps build critical skills in the artificial intelligence field. Columbia offers a micro masters program in the field of artificial intelligence designed to introduce everything from vision models to classic AI applications.

Enhance Your Career with Computer Vision

The applications of computer vision are vast. Pattern recognition is helping self-driving cars. Face recognition is enhancing security. Object classification is making training AI easier than ever and less time intensive. Considering how much data we create in social media images alone, computer vision can expand our learning algorithms for more profound insight. Learn the practical applications and explode your career in our newest tech advances.