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Construction Courses

Learn about construction with online courses today!

Why study construction

The construction industry works to provide the buildings, infrastructure, and planning we need to live and work. It's a thriving field that involves more than simply "building." It encompasses the planning, financing, and maintenance of both old and new buildings.

During the construction process, someone must maintain the safety and efficiency of the construction site, keep the construction project at or under its budget and deadlines, and ensure that companies keep up with construction technology advances and regulations from groups like OSHA. There are many positions within the construction industry for students looking for a new job or switching careers.

From the supply chain to project management to government initiatives, the multifaceted industry needs new talent to survive changes in infrastructure and population needs. It's time to explore what this industry can offer.

Learn about construction with edX

Students can turn to edX for valuable online education opportunities in the construction industry. Courses are designed in partnership with leaders in the field, and learners can connect with students from around the globe. Many courses are free to explore for personal growth, but edX also provides official credit for students who need professional development.

For a fee, students receive access to accredited course tracks, certificate and professional series choices, and even full degrees from respected institutions around the globe. It's the perfect opportunity to advance career skills or develop a mindset of lifelong learning.

Construction courses and certificates

The construction business needs lots of different expertise. Students can begin with a professional series from UMD and USMx, Construction Management. The course series will cover management, preparation, and building construction design and introduce sustainability concepts. Courses prepare students to work with general contractors, construction workers, and government entities like the Department of Labor with a thorough foundation of training.

Single course options are also available. For example, Sustainable Building Design from MITx explores sustainable building construction and design while Fundamentals of Building Information Modeling from PurdueX outlines current computer applications. Purduex also offers BIM for Construction for those interested in digital representation methods.

Train for lucrative construction jobs

edX provides training for career seekers and paths for lifelong learners. Whether students are interested in civil engineering or currently work as subcontractors for construction already, there are courses designed to meet precisely the right education needs. Construction work can be a lifelong, satisfying career from labor to management. 

Students will understand how to work with construction materials, manage projects and construction equipment, and understand what goes into a successful construction company. It's time to join what the Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies as a vital growing job sector with the help of edX and its education partners.