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Continuing Medical Education Courses

Expand Your Continuing Medical Education Career with Top Courses on edX today!

learn continuing medical education

learn continuing medical education

What is Continuing Medical Education?

Continuing Medical Education (CME) allows healthcare professionals to keep up with the fast pace of medical advancement by directing their educational activities and providing professional development.

CME credits are used for a variety of things, including Maintenance of Certification. These learning opportunities and education resources provide medical professionals with the knowledge they need to ensure quality and efficient care.

Education programs are a critical part of attracting top talent and reducing employee churn for healthcare facilities. The American Medical Association requires continuing education for certification, and new employees are looking for these opportunities as part of their employment.

Understanding Continuing Medical Education offers a variety of courses designed for CME or personal use. They're designed in partnership with leading institutions and can be taken at any time with students around the world. They're available for free, but official credit is also possible for many of the courses for a fee.

Continuing Medical Education Courses

Wageningen has a professional certification on Food, Nutrition, and Health, giving you the chance to study the fundamentals of nutrition from a medical perspective. You can also take a few courses from Standford Online designed, such as Managing Atrial Fibrillation or Case Studies in Medical Errors.

Other courses from Harvard, Doane, and BU will provide a range of new skills and foundational knowledge you can apply to your profession or build your understanding for personal use. The courses fulfill a variety of CME needs and offer quality instruction for healthcare professionals and interested students.

You can also expand your interests to other aspects of medical facilities, including leadership and administration skills. You can explore what it takes to move to administration and gain foundational leadership skills for building an independent practice or clinic of your own.

Build a Future For Your Medical Career

Lifelong learning is an integral part of working in the medical profession, and online courses could help you build your skills without having to pause your career. Whether you're expanding your knowledge of patient care or developing a new understanding of new disease phenomena (such as Covid-19 and Coronavirus best practices), CME activities can expand skills.

Develop a culture of lifelong learning, and you could have a rich and rewarding career in the healthcare field. Edx can provide a path for learning with straightforward options, and you can jumpstart your understanding. See what has to offer for your CME needs.