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Cooking Courses

Learn about healthy eating cooking habits and more cooking skills on edX today!
learn cooking

learn cooking

Why Learn about Cooking?

Whether you're looking for comfort food like mashed potatoes, tasty one-pot meal weeknight dinners, or something to celebrate holidays like St. Patrick's Day, learning how to cook is a worthy cause. Building your understanding of cooking methods allows you to create not only simple meals to sustain you but things that can inspire joy in others as well. The internet is full of new recipes that everyone from beginners to seasoned chefs can use. No matter what level you are, you can learn new skills about both the science and the practice of cooking.

Learn Cooking with

The courses at edX provide instruction for cooking, no matter your level of expertise. The courses are designed in partnership with leaders in the culinary field and are intended to happen in the comfort of your home. You can participate in courses on your own time and complete official certification if necessary.

Cooking Courses and Certifications

Harvard offers a two-part series, Science & Cooking. You'll learn the science and chemistry behind cooking directly from the chefs within each module. Wageningen also has a course on nutrition, designed to teach you the basics of proper food safety as well as the pesticides in common fruits and veggies like apples or green beans. You can also take a course with your children, designed specifically for kids. You all will learn the basics of proper nutrition and learn to make some typical recipes from a children's cookbook. It's geared towards helping children make better choices about their overall nutritional needs. Wageningen's course series on nutrition gives you the ins and outs of everything you'll need to understand your own nutritional needs and the science behind food recommendations. It's an excellent primer for understanding how the things you cook affect your body's systems.

Learning Cooking for Life and Career

Understanding the principles of cooking can help you far beyond the slow cooker recipe of the day. You can build an understanding of the critical nutritional features of your meals and how to plan meals around your schedule and lifestyle. Whether it's tacos for Taco Tuesday or instant pot recipes to help get dinner on the table quickly, cooking is a vital endeavor for life. Let introduce you to the basics while you build your knowledge of the science of nutrition. Our courses can help you build critical life skills and may ignite your passion for building something more.