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Corporate Culture Courses

Take free online corporate culture courses from top schools and universities on edX today!

learn corporate culture

learn corporate culture

What is Corporate Culture?

Corporate culture is a set of rules and values that define how a company responds to issues outside simple business transactions. Everything from the dress code to benefits falls under corporate culture, and the company's values often evolve over time. Building and maintaining a company's culture often involves a mission statement and a concerted effort from business leaders and human resources to define the company's values. The work environment often depends on a cohesive organizational culture, and employee morale could suffer without a consistent set of values.

Learn about Corporate Culture

Your company culture doesn't happen accidentally. It evolves organically but also includes conscious decisions about how employees are treated and what the organization values beyond just profit. A strong culture helps reduce employee turnover and provides guidance as the environment around the business changes. Learning about how corporate culture evolves could position you as a major player in your company. Even if your current culture evolved over time, at some point, you'll have to codify your company's beliefs and goals for actions outside business transactions. This process requires thought and care.

Corporate Culture Courses and Certifications

In partnership with trusted institutions and leading thinkers in the field, edX offers courses designed to teach you about leadership, corporate culture, and mission goals. You can take a variety of options from the fundamentals to niche choices designed to deliver hard-hitting trainings. You can take the University of Queensland's course, Creating and Sustaining an Innovation Culture, or Berkeley's The Science of Happiness at Work. Other options include Peking University's Management Communication or the University of British Columbia's Organizational Behavior, which also belongs to their micro-masters in Business Fundamentals. The course options are extensive and cover both fundamentals and higher-order concepts. As you develop your leadership role within your organization, the courses and certifications can help you develop the type of culture you'd like to see in your company.

Explore Corporate Culture Possibilities

edX can help you develop your leadership, brand identity, and build a positive culture within whatever organization you're a part of. Courses are designed to take you right to the front lines of company culture and equip you with the tools you need. Organizational culture defines the way people think of your business, inside and out, so put some time into understanding how your company can build that influence and practice. Whether you need guidance for leadership skills, organizational skills, or a primer on building relationships, edX and its trusted partners can provide the path.