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Culture Courses

Study the role of culture on society with free online classes. Explore the origins of culture today.

learn culture

learn culture

What Is Culture?

Culture is a variety of things. In some cases, it's the way people learn to behave around others within their society. In others, it's the way to behave in a particular organization. Whether it's world culture or company culture, learning about it can help you avoid faux pas and understand the people you're around.

Learning About Culture

Cultural differences can shape the way we view the world. If you're thinking of starting a business in a different country, your understanding of their culture could make or break your success. Likewise, starting in a brand new company or organization requires learning the culture of that organization to become a team player. You can even learn the culture of particular groups you belong to. Other types of culture could be the art, music, and history of where you are. All these things could constitute a type of culture. It's critical to understand the different cultures you belong to as well as those of other places. It's a way to have empathy, develop critical thinking, and receive inspiration for innovative thinking. Culture is definitely not something to ignore.

Different Types of Culture Classes and Certifications

You can take a variety of courses with edX to introduce you to world culture, languages, humanities, and business culture. Foreign language classes include French, Spanish, Japanese language and culture, and Chinese language and culture. Learning different languages is not only a career slam dunk but may also help your brain age more gracefully. Other courses can teach you different things about both historical culture and modern culture. You can learn about the unique art of flower arranging in China and Japan with Tsinghua University or immerse yourself in one of Australia's oldest indigenous cultures, the Noongar. You can learn about Tibet with the Smithsonian or photography with Universidad del Rosario. If business is more your thing, you can study the fundamentals of management communication with Peking University or how to improve your business through a culture of health with Harvard. You could even learn about Japanese business management with Waseda University.

Developing Cultural Awareness

Awareness of culture is an integral part of belonging to society. Understanding the culture around you is a key part of belonging to the world and to organizations. When you take the time to learn culture, whether society or business, it builds your social skills and prepares you to problem solve. Culture is a worthy pursuit whatever the avenue, and can help.