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Learn Cygwin with online courses and programs

Cygwin experts can run Unix/Linux commands on Windows operating systems. Learn Cygwin with online courses delivered through edX and prepare for full-stack development roles that encompass debugging code and managing servers.

What is Cygwin?

Cygwin is a Microsoft Windows OS command-line interface that enables developers to compile and run Linux-like applications. It provides a set of libraries and tools for Windows users to experience a Linux-like environment.Footnote 1 With this capability, developers can migrate Unix/Linux applications to Windows-based systems. 

At the core of Cygwin is DLL (dynamic-link library, cygwin1.dll), an emulation layer that provides Portable OS Interface (POSIX) system calls.Footnote 2 POSIX is a set of standards that define the command-line interfaces and APIs for compatibility between Linux-like operating systems. Developers use it to write portable software that can run on any POSIX-compliant OS without modification.Footnote 3

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Cygwin tutorial curriculum

People who are new to Cygwin can enroll in an introductory course to gain an understanding of the software and its capabilities. An online Cygwin course may cover topics such as: 

  • How to install Cygwin on Microsoft Windows

  • How to install packages in Cygwin

  • How to use the Unix/Linux command-line interface

  • How to use basic Unix commands

  • How to list files and directories

Generally, intermediate study topics delve into deeply technical aspects of the Cygwin ecosystem, touching on: 

  • Advanced Unix commands in the Cygwin terminal

  • Cygwin and cloud-based server integration

  • Cygwin integration with command line tools like SSH and GIT

More advanced topics may explore the interaction of Cygwin with the Windows operating system and delve into how to create custom tools for specific tasks. 

If you’re curious about how to learn Cygwin, it’s important to determine which educational formats align with your professional goals. edX offers a variety of learning opportunities ranging from accelerated boot camps to full degree programs. Some individuals start out with a bachelor’s degree program for a comprehensive curriculum, before pursuing other courses that allow them to specialize. Individuals also have the opportunity to acquire career-critical skills and establish valuable professional connections by pursuing an online master's degree, which may entail synchronous and asynchronous components. Alternatively, busy professionals who thrive in learning environments made up of industry experts may find value in an executive education course

Enhance your knowledge and broaden your skill set with online courses delivered through edX.

Explore jobs that use Cygwin

Learners who possess proficiency in Cygwin are capable of using a wide range of tools and utilities, including command-line interfaces and Linux-based applications. These skills can prepare them for various career opportunities, which include:

  • Server automation engineer: These engineers are responsible for developing, deploying, and maintaining systems that manage networks and servers.Footnote 4 These engineers might use Cygwin to automate tasks and manage large-scale systems.

  • Cloud developer or engineer: These professionals develop and deploy cloud-based services and applications.Footnote 5 They may use Cygwin to manage distributed systems and interact with cloud-based platforms.

  • Software quality assurance specialist: These professionals ensure software products meet high-quality functionality standards.Footnote 6 They may use Cygwin to generate reports, run automated tasks, and manage testing environments.

  • DevOps engineer: These engineers bridge the gap between IT operations and software development.Footnote 7 Cygwin can help them manage the infrastructure, automate deployment, and ensure software systems are scalable.

Start building the skills you need for these roles with an online coding boot camp.

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