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Data Privacy Courses

Learn about Data Privacy with Online Courses and Lessons on edX!

learn data privacy

learn data privacy

What is Data Privacy?

In the age of the internet, the concept of privacy has changed. We may not be guaranteed anonymity anymore, but we do have a say in how companies gather and use our personal data. The new privacy era is compliance and consent related, and regulations such as Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) help ensure that type of data security.

Privacy laws can be complex, and companies must grapple with changing regulations designed to protect consumers and prevent data breaches. There are state, federal, and global regulations to consider, so companies must pay attention.

Sensitive data is more than just credit card numbers. Hackers can use data to identify consumers and fill in the blanks that allow them to crack passwords and get around security protocols. During COVID, some hackers were able to use personal devices logged into company systems during remote work to breach security there. 

Learn about Data Privacy

What constitutes privacy and how companies can protect consumer data is a big concern. edX offers courses designed in partnership with leaders and innovators in the field. You'll expand your skills and understanding even in complex topics like data privacy.

Take courses for fun for free or invest in official certification for your professional growth. You'll be able to pass these along to your employer or use them on your resume. Whichever path you choose, edX can facilitate your success.

Data Privacy Courses and Certificates

You can take multiple courses in data privacy with Rolls-Royce, understand data ethics with the Linux Foundation, or explore niche subjects like HIPAA and health information privacy or cybersecurity within financial institutions. 

ITMOx offers a three-course professional certification in IoT: From Hardware to Practice. IoT's privacy concerns are growing, making data privacy vital to move forward. You can also study how to create better authentication, secure data collection, data portability, and more with edX.

Data Privacy Moving Forward

The Federal Trade Commission continues to prioritize data privacy, as does international lawmaking bodies. From GDPR compliance to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, privacy compliance as companies gather and process data continues to evolve and change. 

Don't let privacy risks rob you of the real-time insights that data can offer. You can understand your own risks as well as gain an understanding of what it takes for companies to handle sensitive information. You'll have experience with privacy practices and may even become part of privacy legislation in the future. From your interest to your future career, it's time to get started with edX.