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Learn data sharing with online courses and programs

Data sharing encourages connection and collaboration between researchers and other major stakeholders. Learn data sharing with online courses delivered through edX.

What is data sharing?

Data sharing is the process of making data available to others. Through data sharing, researchers can circulate the same information with multiple people, encouraging transparency, communication, and collaboration. It is used across many industries and includes many different forms of data, ranging from corporate statistics to scientific data.Footnote 1

Data sharing can be particularly integral to the business world, as it can help companies establish connections with customers and the greater community. Publicly available data also encourages greater feedback, which can drive innovation.Footnote 2

But what is meant by data sharing, exactly? Here are a few examples of what data sharing looks like in practice:Footnote 3

  • Companies within the same field share data to gain deeper market insights and identify fraud patterns or potential market threats. 

  • Enterprises share data with customers to establish trust and provide required information about their products or offerings. 

  • Educational institutions share data to gain external insights and improve student outcomes.

  • Social media platforms facilitate extensive data sharing on both personal and corporate levels.

As cybercrime spikes, data sharing is also essential to protect critical infrastructure, providing access to threat information that might otherwise be unavailable to an organization.Footnote 4 By using shared resources, organizations can enhance security, proactively leveraging their partners’ knowledge, experience, and capabilities.Footnote 5

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Data sharing course curriculum

For those interested in learning how to collect, manage, and use data, data sharing classes can help build your understanding of how to work with different forms of data. A data sharing class can provide learners with an opportunity to study data management and ethics. Learners can gain practical experience sharing individual-level research data and exploring the best practices for sharing this data. 

edX offers a variety of learning opportunities for people of all backgrounds and aspirations who want to break into the data world. From full programs that can enable you to earn a bachelor’s degree in data science or even a master’s degree in data science to more focused instruction on specific skills offered through data analytics boot camps, you can leverage the power of edX to build the knowledge base and skills you need to begin working in this field.

Jobs that use data sharing

Data sharing has a wide range of applications. 

If you’re working for an e-commerce brand, you can use data sharing to analyze customer behavior and inform future marketing campaigns. If you’re working for a bank, you can use data sharing to evaluate client finances. And if you’re working for an educational institution, you can use data sharing to identify pedagogical gaps and improve student outcomes.

Across industries, data sharing is a critical responsibility for jobs in data science, cybersecurity, infrastructure and operations, and more. For example, a company might hire big data analysts to quickly and accurately share their research and data so they can: 

  • Better understand their consumer base

  • Make more informed decisions

  • Keep up with industry demands

  • Improve their bottom line

While understanding the processes behind data sharing can be an important skill, professionals who specialize in working with data have many other duties and responsibilities, which can require additional data science and analytics expertise. If you are considering pursuing a career in this field, explore the requirements for different jobs and align your learning pathways to your career aspirations. A specialized boot camp may work well for an experienced data scientist who wants to brush up on a skill, whereas somebody new to the field may choose to learn through a bachelor’s degree or a particular master’s degree program. Every learner is different, but there are also many different options that can fit your needs.

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