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Disease Courses

Learn about disease, their mysteries, causes, and more from top universities and institutions on edX today!

learn disease

learn disease

Why Study Disease?

Of all the things that affect our current standard living, the mysteries and ravages of disease are things we're beginning to solve. We've uncovered the causes and treatments of so many of our biggest killers, and as a result, are living longer and healthier. Public health is a critical field. As our standard of living increases across the world, the continued research into chronic and infectious diseases will continue to build our standards of living and usher us into a new age of disease control. You don't have to be a medical professional to build a career in disease research. AI stands to revolutionize the way we research diseases and their cures, giving you a wide variety of options for building a career in disease research.

Disease Courses And Certifications

edX has partnered with respected institutions to bring you courses in the latest disease research, public health, and biology. Whatever aspect of disease research and control interests you, there's a course that can help launch your career. Wageningen offers a professional certification series on the role of nutrition in disease, Nutrition and Disease, that helps you understand the fundamental ways that nutrition can affect the onset and treatment of medical conditions. You'll discover the role nutrition plays in bolstering the immune system and how lifestyle affects the treatment of chronic disease like cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease, and other chronic diseases such as breast cancer. You can study molecular biology with MIT, understand how the patient journey aids innovation with Design in Healthcare with Delft, and how retrovirals help fight HIV/AIDS. Doane offers a micro master's degree in Lifestyle Medicine for executives in the healthcare field, and the University of Toronto gives you a perspective from the other side with Death 101, a course in studying the causes of death to build new solutions for the living. In addition to these courses, you also have the opportunity to learn about aspects of disease and its prevention with courses in specific fields such as Urology, Neuroscience, health informatics, and health problems with the mind like Alzheimer's disease.

Build A Career In Disease Research

Launching your career begins with an understanding of human diseases and how they affect the living standards of the world population. For all the advances we've made in some diseases, other issues continue to plague our communities. Whether it's a longstanding killer such as heart attack or new threats to public health like the Zika Virus, the research involved in discovering simple solutions for our complex diseases is a wide-open career field. Take advantage of edX's partnerships to build a rewarding career that advances care and quality of life.