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Docker Courses

Take online courses in Docker from top universities and institutions to improve your web application and software development skills. Learn docker, dockerfiles, docker compose, running containers, node.js, how to use Github, container images, docker swarm, and more today.

What Is Docker?

Docker performs operating system level virtualization that runs on the Linux platform, making it possible for you to run containers, which house an application and all its functional parts. It allows you to set up a virtual machine, of sorts, in which the entire system is mirrored from your program to the receiving computer system. It performs this through the use of Docker Containers. Containers don't need separate operating systems, and they allow OpenStack development to be consistent across systems. It reduces environment variables and eases application delivery.

Learn Docker

Learning Docker allows system administrators to use these containers to reduce inconsistencies. If you've developed a program in R and need verification, your colleague may not get consistent results because of different environment variables. Docker allows the program to run exactly the way it would on your computer so your colleague could verify your results without question. It's used in DevOps when enterprises need to develop large scale solutions, but the intended recipients may not have the same software. These types of use cases have allowed companies like Microsoft and IBM to launch large projects with better results than traditional DevOps.

Docker Courses

Learning the fundamentals of container orchestration could help you find a place in devops. RedHat in partnership with offers a course in the Fundamentals of Containers, which gives you an overview of the various container tools you can use including Docker, Kubernetes, and Redhat Openshift. You'll learn how to manage containers and create Docker images. The Linux Foundation also offers a course on the fundamentals of cloud architecture, including tools you'll need to use to deploy large scale operations. It will teach you to choose the right tools and implement those models using cloud-based services.

Build Your DevOps Career with Docker

Docker's open source container registry allows you to package your application and all related parts so that it will run true to form on any other Linux based computer. Docker commands and command lines are easy to manipulate, and Docker Enterprise makes it easy to build business-critical systems at scale. Use Docker to provide your business with real value by creating and deploying the entire solution within a single package. Container orchestration reduces environment variables and makes your programs more portable, giving you the chance to set things up on your own system to run on a more powerful computer later. Getting to know this type of system makes you a valuable asset to any business needing to produce at scale or run complex yet reproducible systems.