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Dog Behavior Courses

Take free online dog behavior courses and learn about humanity's best friend on edX.

learn dog behavior

learn dog behavior

Why study dog behavior?

Dog behavior is the coordinated response of a group or a single dog's response to some kind of stimuli. We study dog behavior because they live so closely with humans. Understanding why dogs do what they do could help us alleviate things like separation anxiety, unnecessary barking, and other behavior problems.

Common dog behaviors can confound dog owners. These are sometimes attention-seeking behaviors and sometimes simply bad habits from dogs that learn to adapt based on their current circumstances. 

Whether you're looking for behavior modifications for your best friend or you're curious about canine behaviors, you can build your understanding of a species that has lived closely beside humans for tens of thousands of years.

Learn about dog behavior

You can learn about these furry family members and what their behavior or activities mean with courses from edX. They're designed in partnership with leaders in the field, allowing you to explore for personal growth or professional goals.

Students study with a global cohort on their own time. Courses are free to explore, or students can opt into official credit for a fee. edX offers not only individual courses but certifications, micro-degrees, and a growing number of full degrees.

Dog behavior courses

Arizona State offers a course, Dog Behavior: Problems and Solutions. Students learn about dog temperament, interpret dog body language, and dog health and wellbeing. The course explores training methods and behavioral assessment, as well as understanding how all these things play into helping owners choose the right dog. Students will confidently choose suitable families for dogs in their care and understand what causes both desired and undesired behavior.

You can also study animal ethics, take biology courses, or learn about ancient humans themselves. edX and partners offer a path for learning various subjects surrounding dog behaviors, from resource guarding to urinating to play bows, and a number of science-focused and historical courses.

Exploring humanity's best friend

Why do dogs bury their food? Why do they wag their tails or sniff trees and bushes? What do different dog barks mean? Puppies and adult dogs learn behavior from human and dog socialization, but we could all learn a bit more about the creature we keep with us in our homes. Pet care should involve learning more about natural behaviors of different dog breeds and how to curb behavior issues safely and lovingly.

edX offers courses to help you explore all your interests. You could launch a career as a future dog behaviorist, veterinarian, or dog trainer for dog shows. You could also learn what it takes to care for the animal that loves you, curbing health problems and negative behaviors for a lifetime of joy.