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Drugs Courses

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learn drugs

learn drugs

What Are Drugs?

When you think of drugs, chances are very good you're only considering the illicit kind. In reality, the world of legal, prescription drugs and drug research is a far greater field than simply the illegal drug crime reported on your local news. Prescription drugs are responsible for some of the health and wellbeing we experience in the modern world. They extend our lifespans and help us live with conditions that would previously have been a death sentence. As healthcare advances, our understanding of biology enables us to build more effective drugs with fewer side effects, ensuring we're less susceptible to conditions that plagued us in the past.

Learn About Drugs: Their History And Use

Drug use encompasses a range of disciplines and must be understood from a comprehensive perspective. New drugs must be researched, tested, and approved by the FDA long before they reach mass consumption, but even before that, large amounts of research and funding go into deciding what to research. Researching new drugs and building use cases against drug abuse is a big career. Even if you aren't specifically a medical professional, you can use your skills in data science, modeling, administration, or a host of other disciples to facilitate our research into the unknown. And now, with more and more people living longer, this field is ripe for explosion. Drug Research Course and Certifications Learning about prescription drug research and what goes into launching a new drug to the public is simple with's collection of courses offered in partnership with respected institutions and organizations. For a comprehensive overview of the relationship between the FDA and the drug research process, Harvard's course The FDA and Prescription Drugs will introduce you to the practices of how the FDA regulates prescription drugs and the controversies surrounding drugs including debates in marketing and clinical trials. For more in-depth looks at aspects of drug research, a series of courses designed to teach you the ins and outs of drug administration, including the latest in HIV research from Columbia, Medicinal Chemistry from Davidson, and Medicating for Mental Health from Colgate University. Other courses offer additional information in aspects of finance or biostatistics.

Understanding Drugs And Healthcare

Whether its heart disease or medical use marijuana, the process of researching and creating prescription drugs is a complicated process that involves many moving parts. Understanding not only the drugs themselves but the entire process that goes into their creation is an excellent way to figure out your own career path in this critical industry.