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Learn Drupal with online courses and programs

Drupal is a content management software that allows developers to create and maintain a multitude of websites and applications. Learn Drupal with online courses delivered through edX.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source content management software (CMS) that is used to create and manage digital content.Footnote 1 Drupal allows web developers to create unique websites for any purpose, from blogs, e-commerce, and corporate sites, to portals, forums, and social networking sites. 

Drupal powers web experiences all over the world. Some development professionals like Drupal because it has all the tools needed to build almost any kind of website from the ground up. It also simplifies the web-building process with a flexible framework that allows for both collaborative and individual workflows. Drupal can be used to create:

  • Personal websites

  • Corporate websites

  • E-commerce websites

  • International or multi-language websites

  • Blogs, portfolios, or music sites

  • Forums

  • Social networking sites

  • Recourse directories

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What is covered in a Drupal tutorial?

Enrolling in a Drupal class can be an excellent way to learn Drupal. A Drupal course can take learners from novices to experts, covering how to use Drupal to build websites, troubleshoot issues, and more. 

Prior to starting your Drupal training and learning the basics, learners should have knowledge of the programming language PHP, in which Drupal is written. PHP is an open-source, general-purpose scripting language that is used in web development since it can easily be embedded in HTML.Footnote 2

Some Drupal classes offer a Drupal certificate upon completion, which could help you stand out when applying for jobs that require Drupal knowledge.

Explore Drupal jobs

Many companies use Drupal to power their websites. Obtaining a bachelor's degree or a master's degree in computer or data science could be a great way to gain the technical skills that will prepare you to work with Drupal and other content management systems. A boot camp that teaches programming languages is another option for those looking to boost their skills and prepare for a career in web development. Common Drupal jobs include webmaster, web developer, and front-end or back-end Drupal developer. 

Webmasters and web developers work on all technical aspects of website creation and maintenance, and are responsible for creating and testing digital interfaces.Footnote 3 Front-end and back-end developers also work in web development, though they focus on a specific side of development. The back end of a website refers to server applications and databases, while the front end deals with user interfaces. Both ends of a website work together to deliver information to users.Footnote 4

In Drupal, a front-end developer is known as a “Drupal themer” and a back-end Drupal developer is called a “Drupal module developer.”Footnote 5 Drupal themers work primarily in the Drupal theme layer and are typically experts in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A theme in Drupal is the layer of a webpage that users interact with and view. Drupal themes are created by front-end developers, hence their professional title, “Drupal themers.”Footnote 6 Drupal module developers write in PHP to create custom modules, automated tests, and other server side functions for Drupal websites. 

How to become a Drupal developer online

In order to become a Drupal developer online, you should have an understanding of programming languages such as PHP and JavaScript. Enrolling in a coding boot camp can be an excellent way to learn multiple scripting languages that will help prepare you for a career as a Drupal developer.  

Drupal professionals also need a firm understanding of computer science fundamentals. Obtaining an online bachelor's in computer science or an online master’s degree in a related field can be an excellent way to gain the right knowledge and skills. Courses may cover mathematical methods used in computer programming, statistical and data analysis, and the foundations of computer science. Computer and data science courses help set learners up with the fundamental theories behind Drupal technology. A Drupal course can teach learners more specific Drupal concepts that can be applied in the professional world.