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Take online education technology courses to build your skills and advance your career in education. Learn about various topics in educational technology with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

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What is Educational Technology?

Educational technology refers to all applications of technology in the learning process. It includes all the IT tools, resources and systems used in education as well as the study and advancement of technology-assisted learning. Advancements in educational technology are not only improving the learning process through experimentation and data analysis, but also making it possible for millions of new learners around the world to take courses and obtain professional certificates and degrees through online learning systems.

Online Educational Technology Courses and Programs

Explore new courses in instructional design, educational innovation and e-learning from the top universities and institutions around the world. Instructional Design and Technology is an advanced MicroMasters program from the University of Maryland that looks at the impact of technology in education and the trends that are driving the new learning platforms and systems. Learn how to combine traditional instructional design models with rapid prototyping and data analytics to design, build and continually improve online courses. Online teaching and learning is one of the fastest growing areas of education and this 4-course program will give you the skills and knowledge you need to pursue opportunities in this area.

For a broad view of the impact of digitally-available coursework on educational institutions, enroll in Digitizing Higher Education, a six-week course from The University of Texas at Arlington. Get an overview of how online education and the expectation of having coursework available anytime, anywhere impacts the economics, administration and academics of universities. Learn about the various digital technologies impacting higher education, their impact on research practices and how they have enabled new models of teaching. As more educational programs go online, education leaders need to understand the technology behind and benefits of new learning systems and opportunities.

Jobs in Educational Technology

Demand for experts in educational technology, including data and technology-savvy education leaders, is high due to the explosive growth in the number of online courses and programs. Universities and learning institutions around the world are making their courses available online and course designers with knowledge of online learning systems and best practices will have an advantage in the job market. Many schools have established technology leadership teams that support the advancement and use of technology across all departments. For schools without in-house programs, educational technology consultants are in high demand. Specialists are tasked with engaging the academic community to learn and apply the latest tools and techniques to improve the learning process.

Explore a Career in Educational Technology

Learn more about advancements in classroom and online education and see if a career as an educational technology consultant is right for you. Enroll now in online courses from major universities and institutions and build your knowledge of this exciting and in-demand field.