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Electric Cars Courses

Learn about electric cars with online courses and lessons on edX!

learn electric cars

learn electric cars

Why Electric Cars Are The Next Big Thing

As the world shifts away from fossil fuels and other nonrenewable resources, the focus on more sustainable products becomes stronger. Electric vehicles provide a way for humans to maintain transportation needs while producing cleaner-burning energy and reducing pollution. 

For a long time, Tesla was your only option for all-electric vehicles, but now technology has caught up to even storied car manufacturers like BMW and Chevrolet. These car manufacturers recognize the long term potential of all-electric, plug-in cars. They are pursuing this option as an alternative to standard engines and even plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

The mileage still isn't on par with gas or hybrid engines, but it's catching up. These cars go farther on a single charge than they ever have. In the future, we may find electric motors in SUVs and trucks, not just tiny vehicles, and the fossil-fuel driven engine could be history.

Learn About Electric Cars

​From the Chevy Bolt EV to the Nissan Leaf, electric cars have reached the mainstream. You can learn the basics of engineering for electric vehicles through courses from edX in partnership with leaders in the field. You'll be able to take courses on your own schedule with both free options for exploration and some officially certified courses for those of you who need professional development.

Electric Cars Courses And Certificates

DelftX offers a series of courses on electric cars in both English and Spanish. You'll learn the foundations of electric car engineering with the introduction course, including the battery pack basics, electric motor engineering, and how different chargers (including fast charging options) work. From there, you can take other courses in the series for specific, in-depth info on the technology itself, the business side, and the larger policy issues affecting electric cars

​OECx offers a course on a broader range of energy and environmental issues if you want to expand your understanding of the place of electric cars in the field of environmentalism. You'll learn how combustion engines have contributed to pollution, hear from the EPA standards, and learn what renewable energies countries are deploying, including resource-poor areas like Taiwan.

The Transportation of the Future

As automakers increase the driving range of electric cars, we could see even more options from budget car makers like Honda, Hyundai, and Kia to premium brands like Volvo and luxury car manufacturers like Porsche. Improving the environmental footprint of cars is a multi-discipline issue, and your understanding of electric cars can help provide a solution.

You may soon find yourself standing on a car lot choosing from the many Toyota or Volkswagen electric models instead of just a few. With the popularity of the Chevrolet Bolt, the BMW i3, and the Tesla Model 3, the electric car could experience a renaissance. Be there when it happens.