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Enterprise Sales Courses

Learn Enterprise Sales with Online Courses from some of the world's leading universities.
learn enterprise sales

learn enterprise sales

What is Enterprise Sales?

A sales career is a standard route for job seekers with outgoing personalities. When that sales career begins to take on multi-million dollar or even billion-dollar deals, you've got enterprise sales.

​There are two basic types of sales -- transactional and complex. Most of us are familiar with transactional sales. These are the everyday sales like buying a car and involve merely individuals or a small group of individuals.

On the other hand, complex sales involve multiple stakeholders and involve a complex series of negotiations that can range over six or more months on average. These are high risk and involve attention to detail and high investment stakes. With these long sales cycles, enterprise sales is a class of sale on its own.

Account executives and decision-makers embark on several stages of negotiations in order to settle and agree and close the deal. Enterprise sales reps follow a separate strategy over the long term of closing a deal in enterprise selling.

Learn about Enterprise Sales

The sales model requires an understanding of the complex nature of these deals, so sales leaders must have training and knowledge of the sale cycle. offers courses in partnership with leaders in the field of sales and marketing, designed to provide the foundation you need to break into the world of enterprise sales professionals.

You'll join students from around the globe to learn at your own pace for free. For a fee, you can receive official certification for many of the courses. Share your mastery with potential employers to further your career prospects.

Enterprise Sales Courses and Certificates

Queens University's Smith School of Business offers a three-course professional certificate program in Enterprise Sales. You'll learn the fundamentals to become an enterprise salesperson and learn complex, strategic level process designed to create a compelling sales cycle.

You can also study sales principles through the lens of the family business with TecdeMonterreyX's professional certificate, Family Businesses. This can help potential enterprise salespeople move from small business sales to larger, complex sales.

Consider a Career in Enterprise Sales

Whether you're studying for personal goals or advancing your career, has a catalog of courses that can fulfill your curiosity and advance your skills in a variety of areas. Whether you're prospecting leads or part of a sales development team, the skills you learn with edX could jumpstart your curiosity and your career.

The enterprise sales process may be complex, but these courses set you up for career-wide success. Elevate your prospects and improve your marketability with many courses available on-demand or delivered online wherever you are. It's time to take your next step.