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Learn Etherscan with online courses and programs

Unlock the potential of blockchain technology through Etherscan. Learn Etherscan fundamentals like token creation, transaction analysis, and tracking gas prices with courses from edX.

What is Etherscan?

Etherscan is a blockchain explorer that offers open access to public information on transactions, smart contracts, and various other aspects of Ethereum. Notably, Etherscan does not act as an Ethereum wallet. Its functionality gears toward viewing Ethereum blockchain transactions, which makes it a reliable resource for Ethereum blockchain users.Footnote 1

Etherscan has many functions. It lets users:

  • Calculate gas fees

  • Check smart contracts

  • Look up the assets held by a publicly available wallet address

  • Search for a specific transaction

  • Track the progress of a transfer as it happens

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Why learn Etherscan?

Etherscan is essential for keeping up with the ever-changing world of Ethereum blockchain through its tracking of real-time changes. Users can only access publicly available information, which means accessing private keys is out of the question.Footnote 2

Additional knowledge about transactions and users can help you stay safe and spot any suspicious activity to help you avoid scams. For example, a transaction ID can provide key information, such as its current status, time, and date. 

Etherscan course curriculum

Learners who are interested in how to learn Etherscan can begin with introductory courses. These may cover important foundational topics, such as how to analyze transactions, check Etherscan smart contracts, and track gas prices.

Learners can then take more advanced Etherscan courses, which may cover topics such as how to use API endpoints, sign raw contracts, and verify contracts programmatically.Footnote 3

If you are interested in learning about blockchain or financial technology, explore the educational opportunities made available through edX. A boot camp can provide flexible, hands-on learning for those who want to upskill quickly, while executive education courses are designed for busy professionals. You can also pursue a more comprehensive curriculum in a bachelor’s degree program or, for more advanced learners, a master’s degree program. Find the right learning path for you. 

Explore Etherscan jobs

Etherscan skills can be helpful for many different careers. Examples of jobs that use Etherscan, and their responsibilities include:

  • Web3 developer: These developers focus on suggestions for architecture, the creation of web-based applications, and the investigation of any high-level architecture problems that may appear.Footnote 4

  • Blockchain developer: These specialists are responsible for the documentation of blockchain development processes. They may also teach sales staff about various blockchain features, which could include providing an Etherscan tutorial.Footnote 5

  • Smart contract engineer: These engineers collaborate with other engineers and product managers to build and maintain stable infrastructure. They design smart contracts and ensure that they are safe by working with external auditors.Footnote 6

  • Finance writer: These writers create content based on topics that relate blockchain technology to finance and explore the application of blockchain technologies in various industries.Footnote 7

  • Blockchain data analyst: These analysts continually seek to expand their knowledge about various aspects of blockchain technology. Additionally, they provide advice about blockchain technology usage.Footnote 8

Start developing the skills you need to pursue roles that work with blockchain technology with a fintech boot camp. edX offers boot camps focused on a variety of valuable skills (including coding, data analytics and product management) that can be applied to many different industries. Propel your personal development forward while expanding your professional network. 

How to use Etherscan in your career

Those involved in the crypto and blockchain industries use Etherscan often. Web3 and blockchain developers who build decentralized applications (dApps) use Etherscan regularly to track blockchain activity. Blockchain data analysts also use Etherscan to gain further insight into potential solutions for blockchain problems.

A solid understanding of blockchain and the Ethereum network can go a long way when using Etherscan in your career. Developers in the blockchain industry can also benefit from programming skills in languages such as Python.

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