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Understanding how to manage finances is a critical skill whether you are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or the head of a household. Learn financial management with online courses delivered through edX.

What is financial management?

Financial management involves the planning and oversight of finances, many times for a business or organization. However, individuals can also use financial management principles to understand cash flow and spending habits, as well as develop a personal budget. In either case, financial management can help people and businesses make smart financial decisions and manage risk. 

With the proper financial planning and management, organizations can maximize profit. By studying historic trends and building predictive models to plan for the future, financial analysts can provide actionable recommendations that fuel growth. Learners interested in the discipline for professional or personal reasons can study how to manage financial resources at the household and business levels.

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How to learn financial management online

Learners interested in exploring financial management can find a range of online courses delivered by edX. Foundational courses can cover topics such as how to save for retirement and how to budget to buy a house, as well as how to calculate interest and return. Advanced courses can prepare learners for a career in the field with instruction on topics including risk management, financial statement analysis, and machine learning for finance professionals. edX makes it easy to explore all available training and certificate options, whether learners are interested in personal or organizational financial management.

Careers in financial management

Financial management can be a rewarding career for anyone interested in helping individuals or businesses plan for their futures. Whether someone is planning to buy a vacation home or a company is planning to acquire another organization, financial management professionals can help clients understand how decisions can affect their bottom line. Explore how online courses in financial management can help you achieve your personal and professional goals and begin your learning journey today with edX.

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