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European Studies Courses

Learn European Studies. Take online European Studies courses with edX today to study Europe as well as European geography, culture, history, and more.

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Why study Europe?

Europe had a vast and far-reaching impact on the world, so much so that much of the history we learn in school centers around European Studies. From the European Union to European languages, Europe offers students the chance to explore an impactful part of global studies.

Much of international business happens in Europe. It's an international stage and the source of much controversy. Whether you're learning a foreign language, want to explore higher education on the continent, or build an understanding of history, European history can be a rewarding course of study.

Europe's impact on the humanities, social sciences, art, and political science is far-reaching, but studying it also opens up questions about why Europe was able to influence so much of the world. Imperialism and conquest, along with the slave trade, are also factors to consider as we navigate an understanding of Europe's past.

Learn about Europe

The edX platform offers the opportunity to study with some of the most respected institutions in the world. Courses are developed by experts in the field of study and offered online for a global cohort of like-minded participants. Many of the courses are free for personal development. However, students can also choose official credit for a fee. 

edX offers single courses, certifications, and even full degrees. The platform also offers micro-degrees, an efficient way to gain mastery in a niche field. Credits easily transfer to other learning institutions or employers.

Europe courses and certifications

Learners can begin with courses such as A History of European Empires from NewcastleX. Students learn about the beginnings of the major European powers, including those that would later become the United Kingdom. 

Another choice is European Paintings from UC3Mx, a course on the art that made Europe an artistic powerhouse. Learners can explore the important contributions European countries made to the progress of art and its craft. Alternatively, Euro Noir: Transcultural Identities in Popular Crime Narratives offers the chance to explore Europe's contemporary crime novel.

Exploring Europe with edX

Whether it's international relations or history, coursework in the study of Europe offers students the opportunity to learn about the continent's influence throughout history and in the modern world. The platform brings world-class education to students no matter where they are in the world and brings new opportunities to the course listings regularly. It's time to expand your knowledge and your capability for your career and your personal growth.