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Why Study Film

Film is a creative force, and studying film provides insights into the world of human experience and emotion. From Hollywood blockbusters to short films and independent theater, the process of storytelling is a decidedly human trait. Studying film allows us to examine different aspects of our humanity. We can learn what makes a good story, understanding pacing and editing, and understand how history shapes the films we make. Film and tv shows provide us the chance to understand different perspectives as well as have a good time and connect with others. We can use our knowledge of this storytelling to find patterns and clues about the world around us and of the past. has quite a few courses and programs on film, spanning a variety of cultures and styles. They're designed in partnership with leaders in the field and designed for you to participate from anywhere in the world.

Film Courses and Programs

HKUx offers a course on Hong Kong Cinema, an exploration of the craft and techniques of some of the world's most famous martial arts style movies ever made. You'll explore the methods through a global lens and understand how these movies influenced some of the biggest feature films coming from Hollywood. The University of Pennsylvania offers a fascinating look at the history of Hollywood, taking participants through the invention of movies to the slick productions we know today. You'll understand how movie theaters prepare for movie-goers and what film critics look for in their favorite films. Plus, you'll make connections between Hollywood and global audiences and the influences of other famous filmmaking like Bollywood and build relationships with Hollywood and independent films such as Sundance films. You can also take subjects related to film, such as Columbia's introduction to Animation and CGI. You can discover how studios like Pixar build their films and produce your own new film in your style. You might also check out historical courses such as Smithsonian's "Rise of the Superhero" -- think Spiderman or the Marvel and DC universes. You'll get a look at how these stories influenced not only the superhero genre but others such as Scifi and thriller.

Studying Film Is Studying Humanity

Our ability to tell stories is not just a pastime. Filmmakers can convey so much about the human journey from humor to very real topics. Whether you're escaping into a comedy or experiencing a timely exploration of a pandemic, film can help us connect to each other and process what's happening in the world around us. Before you head to the next film festival, browse your Netflix or Hulu recommendations, or catch the newest Disney film, learn what goes into making these stories and appreciate them all the more deeply.