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Fun Online Courses

Take fun online classes from edX to learn new things, develop new skills, or just have fun if you're feeling bored!

Hundreds of great courses at your fingertips

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Bored? Take Online Classes for Fun!

There are many misconceptions about free online classes. The biggest one? "Online classes aren't fun." Not true! Whether it's your first time taking an online class or your tenth, online classes are a great way to learn about fun and interesting topics.

What Fun Online Classes Are There?

Develop yourself while having fun by taking cooking class or design class. Learn about whatever topics interest you, whether that be creative writing, the coronavirus pandemic, or even interior design and architecture. Pick up a new language with, say, a Spanish class, or gain new skills with HTML and JavaScript tutorials. Pursue personal development and learn about self-care with classes on mental health wellnessmindfulness, and the science of well-being. You can even take a cooking class or design class from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you're looking to get into something creative, pick up a new skill, or just find something to do when you're bored, free online courses from edX are a great way to fill up the time and develop yourself. This catalogue is just a few of the many online classes you can take if you're bored or looking to improve yourself. Take a fun online class today!