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Future of Work Courses

Learn about the future and work and more on edX today!
learn the future of work

learn future of work

What is the Future of Work?

The landscape of work has changed dramatically since our primarily agricultural days. From the industrial revolution to Silicon Valley, the nature of work continues to evolve. As new technologies replace jobs and augment others, we have changed the way we think about what it means to work. Artificial intelligence and the gig economy have certainly changed the landscape of work, but that isn't all. Business leaders must wrestle with a changing world, and employees need new skills for the jobs of the future. As work-life changes, we must explore how the nature of work is changing. The future of work could provide quite a few new opportunities for workers and new businesses. Plus, more young people are entering the workforce with new skills, we could see considerable changes in the way we think of work.

Learn about the Future of Work

edX offers courses and certifications designed to introduce you to the future of work. You can participate in classes created by the best and brightest in the field and learn what you need to know to be competitive in a new work atmosphere, find the type of employees you need, and thriving in the new industrial revolution.

Future of Work Courses and Programs

MIT offers a course, Shaping Work of the Future, designed to introduce you to the types of skills you may need in the future and how to cope with the newest landscape of business and production. You'll learn about the challenges and innovations of the future of work.​WGA also offers a course, The Future of Work: Preparing for Disruption, that can teach you how to work throughout technological disruptions as well as other obstacles that make the modern workforce different than any previous generations. If you're interested in future skills, edX also has a collection of courses that can help you with reskilling. From machine learning to soft skills, you can learn from leaders and innovators in the field.

Understanding the Future of Work

As our work-life changes in response to technology and world changes, we must rethink our conception of work. Cybersecurity and IoT can change our decision-making and offer new opportunities for new employees and seasoned workers. edX and partners can help you with reskilling and provide a pathway for working in the new paradigm. The Future of Work Initiative is seeking to address the obstacles faced by workers today, and the courses you take here could provide you with everything you need to thrive in the future of work.