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Geography Courses

Learn geography with online courses from edX today!

What is geography?

Geography is a scientific field that studies landforms, the earth's surface, and other features of the natural environment. Geographers study more than just earthbound objects; they also explore how these forms have changed and what might happen to them in the future. 

There are two distinct subfields of geography: human geography and physical geography. Human geography explores the community's interaction with its environment, and physical geography explores landmass and its defining features. 

Geography also influences things like urban planning, the management of natural resources, and land use. Geographers also weigh in on climate change and sustainability as well as the impacts of future environmental change. 

Learn about geography with edX

Students can explore geographical concepts through courses developed by leaders in the field. edX offers single courses, certificates, and full degrees, with many courses available for free for personal growth. Students can also choose official credit for a fee and pass their certificates on to future or current employers.

Courses happen asynchronously for the most part, and students with official credit may access the course for life. edX offers the chance to interact with students from around the world and leading educational institutions.

Geography courses and certificates

For students looking to learn basic concepts in human geography, UTAustinX offers a course called Introduction to AP Human Geography. Students will explore foundational concepts in geography to prepare for the AP test or just to study geography for personal growth. It's an introductory course designed to teach students basic terms and concepts.

AlaskaX offers a three-course professional certificate called Geographic Information Systems Essentials. Students will master spatial analysis tools, learn image processing and analysis to aid remote sensing, and build proficiency in ArcGIS Pro software. The course introduces the basics of geographic information science (GIS).

Build an understanding of geography with edX

The edX platform offers students the opportunity to study geography in an online setting with leaders in the field. Students can use these courses to jumpstart a career in geography or build foundational knowledge for related fields in geopolitics, globalization, and even the humanities.

The discipline of geography is a fascinating look at our earth and its past. edX provides courses that can help learners make strides in their careers or simply learn for the fun of it. These courses are an opportunity for a quality education right at home, and with edX, students can create their own training and education to suit their unique needs.