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learn geosciences

What is Geochemistry?

Geochemistry blends the disciplines of chemistry and geology to explain major processes happening within the major geological systems. It explores the chemical compositions behind things like the Earth's crust and aspects of the Earth's oceans. It doesn't just remain on Earth, however. Geochemistry extends to the chemical compositions of other areas of the solar system. The discovery of meteorites, extraterrestrial organic matter, even the time scale of the universe could fall under this branch of geosciences. Chemical analysis of different aspects of Earth and the solar system reveal clues as to how our universe came into existence, the origins of life on Earth, and other pressing questions. This discipline could provide answers to so much about our existence and that of the farthest reaches of the universe.

Learn about Geochemistry

Whether you're a hobbyist interested in the universe or exploring career choices in research fields, has courses that can get you started. These online courses are designed in partnership with leaders and experts in the field, including those on the cutting edge of research in the area. Classes are offered online and asynchronously. You'll be able to complete these courses on your own time from the comfort of your home. Some are even available for official certification for professional use.

Geochemistry Courses and Certifications

Kyoto University offers an introductory course in Geochemistry designed to teach you the fundamentals of the field. You'll learn how the elements may have formed in space, the use of isotope geochemistry in classification, and the future of environmental science. For a more general look at the principles of analytics within the chemistry field, the University of Tokyo offers the chance to study analytical chemistry and its applications in areas that include the geosciences. You'll learn how analytics affects different subdisciplines and learn to apply analytics to chemical principles. Delft also offers a broader course on these principles in its course, Geoscience. You'll learn the nature and behavior of the Earth's subsurface, including how things like chemical elements, mineralogy, and other geochemical principles affect what's happening below.

Explore Geochemistry and Its Fields

No matter if you're exploring a career or learning for personal development, the principles of geochemistry are fascinating. EdX courses offer you the chance to study this aspect of earth science and discover what we know about earth systems and those beyond our solar system. You have the chance to learn planetary science from leaders in the field and embark on a journey to find answers to some of the biggest questions of our universe. You could be the one to find the answer or grow in ways you never imagined.