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Google Power Searching Courses

Learn Google Power Searching. Become a Google search expert by taking online Google Power Searching courses with edX today!

learn google power searching

learn google power searching

What is google power searching?

The average searcher only touches the surface of what Google has to offer. Through advanced search methods, users can leverage the Google search engine to find a wealth of information.

These techniques aren't just typing keyword choices into a search bar. Advanced power searching offers more tips and tricks to make searching for information easier and faster. And with the right tutorials, users can build fundamental skills and use all of Google's suite of tools to uncover deep-level details about topics, images, and other data types.

Webpages and SERPs are only a small part of what Google can provide. It takes a more advanced set of skills to find more relevant information than Google's initial index.

Learn about power searching offers courses designed in partnership with leaders and experts in the field. These courses provide advanced search skills to students in a digestible and convenient format. By taking a power searching course, users will gain experience with advanced search features and gain foundational knowledge in how search works.

Learners study with a global cohort of students and take courses on their own time. Many courses are available for free for personal development, or participants can opt into official credit, certification, or even degrees in a variety of fields, including search techniques.

Google power searching courses

Google itself offers three different courses on power searching: Power Searching with Google, Advanced Power Searching with Google, and Coronavirus Power Searching. In this Google course with Daniel Russell (senior research scientist at Google and user happiness expert), students will learn advanced tools and techniques (including image search), becoming power searchers with simple course materials and tutorials.

In a timely course following the pandemic, students will be able to manage searching for complex medical information in the Coronavirus power searching course. These advanced techniques prepare students for a new era of search in medical affairs and research.

Leveraging the Google search box

Each of these courses goes beyond the standard search tips to advanced techniques straight from Google itself. Whether it's the studies on Google scholar, image search, or another type of data need, these online courses offer training for finding even the most challenging information.

edX provides a pathway for students to acquire new skills and pursue professional development. The ease of online courses allows students to pursue whatever goals they choose and build a fundamental knowledge base for professional or personal purposes.