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Learn GParted with online courses and programs

Operating systems, such as shared drives, require constant management and frequent updates. GParted is an open-source partition editor used to alter, copy, and move disk partitions without compromising data. Learn GParted with online courses on edX.

What is GParted?

GParted enables users to manage and edit partitions, or areas of disk storage. There are a number of reasons for a system disk to be partitioned:Footnote 1

  • Installing more than one operating system (OS). Each OS has its own unique requirements and must be assigned to a separate partition.

  • Strategically placing frequently accessed files near the front of the hard drive. This can dramatically improve system performance.

  • Creating a new, universally accessible partition that enables the sharing of data among operating systems.

  • Separating data and operating systems within separate partitions in order to speed up maintenance activities.

GParted is supported by hard disk drives, flash memory devices, such as USB drives, and redundant array of independent disks (RAID) devices.Footnote 2

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Use cases for GParted 

GParted provides powerful flexibility that extends beyond creation and deletion. Users can harness this powerful tool to:Footnote 3

  • Resize system hard drives

  • Make space for new operating systems

  • Recover data from a lost partition

  • Manipulate, copy, and delete partitions (without losing data)

  • Create partition tables, which outline all partitions on the disk

GParted tutorial course curriculum

If you want to work with shared networks or start a career in system management, learning GParted can help prepare you with tech skills. A GParted course might cover the following topics:

  • Partition basics: Creation, naming, selection, formatting, and more. 

  • Partition tables: Creating partition tables, which function as directories.

  • Partition manipulation: Resizing and moving partitions, partition flags, identification, and categorization.

  • Data rescue: Recovering data from a lost partition.

Depending on your desired career path and ultimate goals with GParted, you may learn about the partition manager through various educational avenues. edX offers boot camps covering a range of tech topics, as well as bachelor’s degree and even master’s degree programs for learners seeking more comprehensive instruction on related fields.

Explore jobs that use GParted 

If you’re an aspiring developer or data specialist looking to make the most of GParted, you may want to consider mastering the following complementary or foundational subjects:

  • Data storage: Before diving into GParted, consider exploring the ins and outs of data storage. Doing so can accelerate your learning process and streamline your overall experience.

  • Operating systems: GParted is supported by Windows, Linux, and macOS.Footnote 4 By familiarizing yourself with these systems, you can more easily optimize your disk to accommodate one or more.

  • System maintenance and performance: By mastering the fundamentals of computer maintenance, you can better harness GParted to further optimize your system.

Once you’ve expanded your knowledge and gained additional experience using GParted, you can start seeking and applying for jobs. GParted expertise can be useful for individuals in a variety of roles. These may include:

  • Software developer: Disk partitioning is an important part of the development process. With GParted, developers can easily edit partitions, install new operating systems, and boost system performance.Footnote 5

  • Network manager: This role is responsible for the design, implementation, and management of shared networks. They may use GParted to conduct their day-to-day activities.Footnote 6

  • Data recovery specialist: As experts on critical data recovery, these specialists may use GParted to recover data from a lost partition.Footnote 7

While beneficial, GParted skills aren’t sufficient on their own and should be part of a broader skill set in order to qualify for the roles above. In general, requirements vary by position and company. Some jobs may call for specific skills that can be acquired in specialized learning pathways like a coding boot camp. Other employers may have specific educational requirements such as a bachelor’s degree in computer science or, for more senior roles, a master’s degree in a relevant field. Before deciding on a learning path, research the role you hope to apply for and align your coursework with your professional goals.

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