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Health Informatics Courses

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learn health informatics

learn health informatics

What is health informatics?

Health informatics is an interdisciplinary field combining information technology, data science, and healthcare principles. Researchers use information systems to research and improve medical care, bringing in engineering, computing, and bioinformatics. 

The idea is that information processing can shed new light on old medical processes and procedures. Because information science reaches so far, researchers can use healthcare informatics to improve patient outcomes, innovate and deploy new equipment, and find cures faster and more efficiently. It may even help predict side effects or find new materials for medical solutions faster than any human ever could.

The field isn't perfect just yet. It still depends a great deal on medical experts who don't always agree with the methods. However, overall excitement over this field's potential has made it a promising area for up-and-coming career-seekers.

Learn Health Informatics offers courses designed in partnership with leaders in the health informatics field. Students can study on their own time from anywhere in the world. Taking courses for personal growth is free, but students may also choose to receive official credit to send employers or schools for a fee.

Health Informatics courses

EdX currently offers several health informatics courses and online bachelor's degrees in healthcare as well as advanced degrees in healthcare that include a master's in public health. Students can take Global Health Informatics to Improve Quality of Care from MITx. During coursework, they'll learn what goes into health information management, the software development and decision-making process, and the workflows making waves in patient care.

Students can also take courses focusing on one specific area of informatics. IsraelX's course, Essentials of Genomics and Biomedical Informatics introduces the clinical research happening in biomedical sciences thanks to new computational analysis tools. Another option is DoaneX's Health Informatics Technology in Population Healthcare Analytics. Students learn how healthcare information and computer science is making a difference in public health and global health outcomes.

This multidisciplinary field provides many avenues for research and specialization. You can take any of edX's courses, including ones with certification and accreditation, to break into the exciting field of health informatics and improve healthcare delivery and healthcare services everywhere, thanks to new health IT initiatives.

Explore a career in Health Informatics

Data analytics changed the healthcare system, and now, your health data supports new capabilities for healthcare professionals. Informatics specialists can work alongside healthcare providers to explore new avenues for research, development, patient care, and public health.

Whether it's improved health outcomes thanks to clinical informatics or faster drug research based on electronic medical records and side effect records, healthcare informatics is a wide-open field. You can use your knowledge of health information technology to make a big difference, and edX is ready to help you join the growing ranks of health informatics professionals.