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Health and Wellness Courses

From personal well-being to public health initiatives, find online courses covering a wide variety of health and medical subjects. Join today!
learn health and wellness

learn health and wellness

What is Health and Wellness?

Health and wellness is a process of achieving one’s personal best state of mental and physical being. Eating healthy foods such as vegetables and lean protein and maintaining an active lifestyle contribute significantly to one’s state of health and wellness. But developing good eating and exercise habits are just a part of the process. To achieve a full state of wellness, one must address the social, emotional, spiritual and occupational factors that contribute to one’s state of being. This can often involve defining goals and making active changes in one’s job, daily routine and more.

Online Health and Wellness Courses and Programs

Find online health and nutrition courses in a wide variety of subjects from eating right and exercising to understanding the science behind living a happy life. A great course to start is ASU’s Introduction to Health and Wellness which offers great health tips and information on a number of topics. Learn about the types of foods that can lead to a healthier life, how to control weight, manage stress and lower the risk of disease. The 8-week course is online and students who successfully pass the course with a verified certificate are eligible to receive college credit from ASU.

Another exciting and popular course to explore is The Science of Happiness from UC Berkeley. This free online course will introduce you to the science of positive psychology. Happiness comes from two key things in life: having strong social connections and feeling that you are contributing to the greater good. Learn about these key aspects as well as new research in the field and apply this to your life to improve your level of happiness.

Gain a better understanding of health and wellness in society and the world with global health courses from BU, Harvard, TU Delft and other universities. If you are interested in working on a public health project, plan to participate in volunteer work or simply want to learn about the field, enroll if one of these excellent introductory courses that will give you an overview of the major issues and challenges facing global health practitioners. If you're looking for more in-depth courses of study, edX also offers online bachelor's in health degrees as well as master's degrees in healthcare.

Jobs in Health and Wellness

There are many exciting opportunities in the field of health and wellness from becoming a social worker or therapist to working as a nutritionist or teaching physical fitness at a local gym or health and wellness center. One of the great rewards of a career in this field is being able to help people live healthier, happier lives. Explore online courses to see what areas interest you and get on a path to an exciting new career.