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A perfectly curated experience at a luxury resort doesn’t happen without the behind-the-scenes work of a hospitality manager. Learn hospitality management with online courses delivered through edX.

What is hospitality management?

Hospitality management combines business principles with marketing and psychology to help create experiences that people will love and remember. It encompasses a range of fields and responsibilities, including event planning, food service, hotel management, and service management. Hospitality managers must be able to understand market trends, business applications, and risk management. 

There are many moving parts that help to create a seamless, enjoyable experience for customers staying at a hotel or dining in a restaurant. When hotels, dining establishments, and entertainment venues are running smoothly, it’s thanks to the work of skilled hospitality managers.

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Why is hospitality management important?

The hospitality industry is built around experiences. The more memorable they are, the better. With an increasingly cluttered hospitality marketplace, organizations in the industry are turning to experts to attract customers and travelers. The goal for a hospitality manager is to grow the business and retain happy customers.

Careers in hospitality management

Great hospitality managers have opportunities to create once in a lifetime moments for people every day. With the right blend of management knowledge and interpersonal skills, you can start a career in hospitality management. Embark on an exciting new career by starting your educational journey today with edX.